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  1. Again, thanks for answer. Returning to your initial post I made some picture to help visualize what I am trying to do:) I know that you mentioned that cm/360 should change with changing FOV to adapt muscle memory and hand-eye coordination, but it is really hard to imagine for me why it should , as 21:9 is only wider without changing vertical FOV. I think cm/360 should change only when you modify FOV with the same monitor - for example raise from 82 to 90 on 16:9. Then you can feel the difference and it should be compensated somehow. Let's assume on my 16:9 monitor I made 15cm to move from the left wall to right wall. On 21:9 monitor I think I should make EXACTLY the same distance on this center area. So cm/360 should be unaffected because I only see more because of "bigger window". This is just some added peripheral vision That's why I was confused after trying to convert it keeping the same 82 vFOV and getting completely different cm/360. If I am not wrong (maybe I am:) with different cm/360 there is no way that this marked distance will be the same on 21:9. I tried to keep the same vFOV because by looking on image it is clear to me that only hFOV is changing from 16:9 to 21:9, and vFOV stay the same Drimzi provided some other point of view but I am still waiting for answer because unfortunately I don't get all the math, and instruction what exactly to put into calculator
  2. Thank you very much for detailed answer I get general idea behind the math you provided. Like you said "You want to preserve the same curvature in the same physical space" - this is exaclty what I tried to do but lacking knowledge how to do it:) Unfortunately I don't understand instruction what to do - sorry... I am confused what input and output mean. I understand Input as old values for Siege in 1920x1080 (provided in my screenshot on this page) and output as "Convert To" field with new values like 3440x1440 and new FOV (and DPI?) You say that input should be "3440x1440 and 98.89189 fov, and 1600 CPI." and output "99 fov and optionally CPI to 2150" Is it possible that you insert screenshot with calculation based on my settings for 1920x1080?
  3. @Fluvio Thanks for answer. Well, maybe you right. But I still think the best solution is to have the same 360 distance. In my logic, regardless of monitor width when I move mouse from let's say one object (in game) to another object, distance on mousepad should be the same. When overall 360 cm distance dropped from 54 to 40 I think it is impossible to keep this, as I will move faster Maybe I should change FOV in my calculation from 82 to another value - but I am not sure if this value is aware of that 21:9 and 16:9 stuff, so I just left it the same I hope you understand what I mean - maybe I am just stuck in some false logic there:)
  4. Hi Recently I've changed monitor to Ultrawide, and honestly I don't know how properly convert sensitivity to new ratio After converting from CGSO some time ago, I based my main sensitivity "feeling" around Ironsight/Holo in RS - this is the same distance as in Hipfire CSGO. Based on this I have Hipfire about 33 cm/360, IronSight 54 cm and ACOG 94 cm I got used to it and would like to have the same on my new monitor As you can see below, I was trying to convert my Ironsight/Holo, but as a result I get different cm/360 distance, and I think it should be the same regardless of monitor ratio. I am making some logical error ,but I am not sure where. Any help appreciated.
  5. Have you tried to play with significantly different Hipfire and ADS - like in my case: 33cm/360 Hipfire and 51cm/360? Honestly, I only tried it for short while, but maybe it has some long term advantage like ability to turn fast. I resigned from trying more because i thought it will mess my muscle memory and feel strange when switching Hipfire to Ironsight
  6. Thanks, it feel ok and it's similar to my method I posted before - it is difference of 3cm for Hipfire between using Viewspeed and Monitor Match 0%, so I have to decide for one option I think for me both are good relative relation between Hipfire and Holo because as FOV changes only small amout , so cm/360 also change accordingly Of course it is a matter of personal preference. I noticed that many people play with really high "jump" in distance from Hipfire to Holo - your first calculation was an example of this. As I remember it was like 33cm for Hipfire and 51 for Holo when FOV is really changing only few degrees :). My muscle memory can no way adapt to this:) BTW is there any specific reason you prefer Viewspeed instead of Monitor Match 0%?
  7. Hi, That's interesting - So if I understand correctly for ADS it is best to take average value between Viewspeed result and Monitor Match 0% result? I am curretly struggling with finding some perfect setting for me - if you have a moment , plese take a look at my post https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/forum/topic/361-tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege/?do=findComment&comment=18472
  8. @Fluvio, @stereo3D Thanks for your answers Please take a look at my post later - https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/forum/topic/361-tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege/?do=findComment&comment=18472 I am not home so I can't check it right now, but i think that converting directly Hipfire - Ironsight/Holo without first Hipfire - Hipfire and taking MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit to second calculation results in large difference between Hipfire and Ironsight/Holo. In my case I managed to achieve very similar feeling for Hipfire and Ironsight, what feel more natural for me. However , I will conform this when I will have chace to put proposed values in config file
  9. After some tweaking and testing I settled on this solution (works for me): - all matched by Monitor Distance 0% - ADS 50 - set FOV 82 - first matched CSGO Hipfire to RS6 Hifire and get value of MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit - this match compensates for greater FOV (82) so results is around 44cm/360 - then I've matched CSGO Hipfire to RS6 Holo sens using the same MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit value - so I get the same as CSGO 51cm/360 in my case and FOV is almost identical to CSGO too - ACOG is about 88cm/360 and it is not possible to change it when matching to Holo already For me it is optimal. I've Noticed, that when I do not take MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit from first matching and directly try to match Hipfire to Holo , thenMouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit=0.02 default value is used and it results in Hipfire around 19cm/360 when Holo is still 51cm/360. Maybe I am not fully understand right method for convert , but 19cm Hipfire and jump to 51 Holo is not comfortable to me.
  10. Thank you all for answers. Really appreciate it. I still can't decide if match sens to ACOG or Holo:) @BryjoeAs you said - it is preference and I am not going to start any discussion what FOV is better. For sure keeping the same FOV is the most consistent way to switch from game to game, but on the other hand I think that tools like Monitor Matching at 0% are designed to have different FOV and still feel ok with playing new game. I can only tell my own experience with RS6 and in my initial post I opted for larger FOV for two reasons: - most of action is inside buildings, space is rather limited - it is different than CSGO, and I think larger FOV can be an advantage here - most of pro players user values close to 90 - I am not going to copy them mindlessly, but surely they have better experience than me, so ther is a high probability that they are right:)
  11. Hi, After reading a lot about diffeent conversion methods I still am not sure if I understand everything correctly My "muscle memory" is based on CSGO playing for long time - now I switched to RS Siege I realize that best option is to keep the same FOV , but I have a feeling that in RS Siege FOV around 74 is a bit too low. Most of player use higher FOV and after some testing I have to admit that 85-90 may be more useful in RS Siege. AS far I know best method for me with changed FOV is convert Monitor Match 0% for CSGO Hipfire- RS6 Hipfire and then using the same method for ACOG OR Ironsight I am not sure but if I remember from some discussions here, it is not possible to match ACOG and Ironsight the same time because both use the same parameter in config file Could somebody confirm/deny above information?
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