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  1. Comrade881

    Siege to CSGO

    try on scopes,ads 75%
  2. Comrade881

    Where did I go wrong? PUBG FPP

    Hipfire to general not ads try it
  3. Comrade881


    lower = easier to aim im playing on 0.364489 1600dpi is like 0.72 for 800dpi
  4. Comrade881

    Killing floor 2 ads ?

    Why havent calculator for ads ?
  5. Comrade881

    Need help with my first conversion

    i dont undersatnd how to use it on any dpi your sens will be static
  6. Comrade881

    i dont understand what to use ? PUBG SCOPES

    why it feels so slow? not like awp zoom in csgo why cant change Multiplier , cause i have zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.818933" but must be 1.0
  7. what i need to use? 360 or monitor distance horizontal or viewspeed horizontal