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  1. 106 or 90 after kovaaks or apex csgo feels too slow playing 1.27 config apex 16:9 http://prntscr.com/n0i77t config fov : fov 90 is this what i need to use or what i wrote 106
  2. trainining better on low sens im playing kovaaks on high sens 2000edpi and cant even beat 130score tile frenzy playing 1week, but then i changed to 1000edpi and did 160score by 4days ,now i can do 150 on high sens
  3. Sens isnt correct much faster than it should be
  4. lower = easier to aim im playing on 0.364489 1600dpi is like 0.72 for 800dpi
  5. Why havent calculator for ads ?
  6. i dont undersatnd how to use it on any dpi your sens will be static
  7. why it feels so slow? not like awp zoom in csgo why cant change Multiplier , cause i have zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.818933" but must be 1.0
  8. what i need to use? 360 or monitor distance horizontal or viewspeed horizontal
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