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  1. Contrololol

    Apex Legends

    Are config file FOV's working yet? set it to config and it still just gives an in game result
  2. Contrololol

    Apex Legends

    ADS and scopes feel terribly off. I use 11% ingame and USA On (133%) in BFV. Hipfire sense calc for Apex seems fine at 2.24, but the ADS mouse sens comes out at 1.0 and this seems terribly fast compared to BFV. Going from BFV to Apex hipfire and then switching to ADS/Holo etc and using the original hipfre value of 2.24 just keeps returning an ADS sense of 1.00. Is this correct?
  3. Contrololol

    Apex Legends

    Thanks heaps
  4. Contrololol

    Apex Legends

    So 90 ingame is correct then?
  5. Contrololol

    Apex Legends

    Yeah 74 is what is in the PROFSAVE_profile file
  6. Contrololol

    Apex Legends

    So just to clarify as this is the first time i've had a read through the forums: If i'm using 74 FOV in game in BFV, I should set it to 74 in Apex too? (as both using 4:3 Hdeg)