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  1. I have about 70cm/360 on CS and i'm palm, every grip can be good, there are so many factors, it's not like one grip is better than another. As for personal preference, i think claw and fingertip are AWFUL for really low sensitivities. I feel much more in control with my palm grip. Might be completely different for someone else 😉 So the right answer is: use the grip that you're comfortable with
  2. Probably on overwatch you make different movements, playstyle might differ from apex in many situations. You might use different scopes in different situations as well. Even if you got the same fov and sensitivity, that's one of the MANY reasons why it might feel different. Trying to match the fov is your best bet, if it still feels uncomfortable, just play and adjust it until it feels fine, without looking too much at the numbers. That's what I would do at least. We can adapt our muscle memory to learn new patterns, it's not like we are forced to have the same exact sensitivity for every game, i never had any problem with that and I always played FPS games at high level. But that's me, might be different for you.
  3. That's so relative. There is no method that will assure you're using the best sensitivity you can honestly. The best thing you can do is to play, play and play. I'll tell you my personal opinion about sensitivity in different games. I used to play CSGO competitively and I use 70cm/360 on that game, but I don't play with the same sensitivity on apex, they're simply two different games that require completely different playstyles, for example targets move really fast on apex and there are many grappling/mobility mechanics, and 70cm on that game just don't feel right for me even tho I tried to use them for quite a bit of time. On apex I use around 58cm/360 for 1x ADS which feels better to me, especially to track fast-moving targets This website is really informative and useful, it can HELP you find the right settings but sometimes people look too much at the numbers. Just use what feels right to you (like pros do)
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