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  1. Plattfuss

    Battlefield V

    OK, than i will try this, one last question please, which FOV-type should i use for PUBG and BF5 for the conversion Hdeg-Res or Vdeg or.. or.. ?
  2. Plattfuss

    Battlefield V

    Ok what would be your advice change the FOV or the conversion mode, is one way better than the other? What are the correct values FOV and FOV Type? IN PZBG i have a FOV of 90 in the ingame config and in BF5 i have 74 ingame. BF5 did show me that this is a FOV of 90?... thank you a lot for your help
  3. Plattfuss

    Battlefield V

    Hello, i'am a little bit confused by converting my sensitivity from PUBG to BF5 and the other way from BF5 to PUBG. Maybe you can Help me out. What confusing me is first the 100% vs 133% in the Zoom Sensitivity in BF5 and the different Zoom Sensetivity in PUBG. See the screenshots below many thx for your help