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  1. Seriouslyy

    Mousepad friction

    Hi guys, thanks for the responses! I have recently tested some more mice, in particular Steelseries Rival 310 and Zowie EC2-A with corepad feet, and the Logitech G440 mousepad (hardpad). On this hardpad, these mice also start to "stick" to the mousepad after a little use. I can get it back to normal by rubbing the mouse feet with "wet wipes" or by rubbing my fingers on the feet for a few seconds. However, 5 minutes later the problem returns. It would thus appear that, for whatever reason, teflon feet become sticky for me. I have been looking for mice with other types of feet, but I have only been able to find a 150 gram mouse with metal feet from a questionable brand. Do you guys know of any good mouse that does not use teflon feet? Or do you have other suggestions for me?
  2. Seriouslyy

    Mousepad friction

    Thank you so much for your response iBerggman! I am now convinced that the problem lies in the mouse feet. I tried "rubbing" my hand at a unused mousepad spot for about 30 minutes, and it was as good as new afterwards, so the feet should be the cause of the problem (I don't have high humidity in my room at all). I tried the corepad mousefeet as you suggested. The problem has been greatly decreased since I switched to these feet, but I still experience about 1/3 of the friction I experienced before. Still enough that it does not feel entirely smooth, but I can play at a decent level. Still, however, it frustrates me that I cannot perform at my highest level due to hardware issues. I wonder if it is possible to get a mouse that has no mouse feet? Or one that has feet made of another material than teflon? I tried to google this, without much success.
  3. Seriouslyy

    Mousepad friction

    Sorry, I am an idiot with now knowledge on this matter. Please be nice to me.
  4. Seriouslyy

    Mousepad friction

    Hello everyone I started playing CS:GO about 8 months ago. In this period I have had consistent problems with "friction" on the mousepads. I have tried a number of mousepads (Zowie GTF-X, Razer Goliathus, QcK Heavy and more) along with two mice (EC2-A and Logitech G403 wired). Whatever combination I use the same problem occurs. Initially, the movement feels great and swift. After about one day of use, sometimes just a few hours, however, the part of the mousepad that I have used gets "gluey". It gets really hard to spray in particular, but all movements feel weird. This "glueyness" becomes worse the more I use that particular area of the mousepad. Now, I have thought of a million explanations for this. I do not sweat, so that is not the issue. I have tried washing the affected area; very gently without soap, gently with soap, were harsh with soap etc. I have considered if it could be dust, but my room is completely clean. I have changed mouse-feet several times. Hell, I even bought a new EC2-A, after which the same problem occured. I beg you, please help me solve this issue! 🙂