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  1. Took me a while to get the hang too, yea that's right you just need to put your converted hipfire into sensitivity 1 of apex
  2. you need to do the hipfire first, then go on widow/ana scope with 35 in the box and change apex to ads... config fov is 1.272160 0.563308 HIPFIRE 0.939128 ADS
  3. Rossicle

    Apex Legends

    yes this is correct
  4. Rossicle

    Apex Legends

    51.47 is just the default 1 in apex its 0% mm you only need to change hipfire to what you want
  5. Rossicle

    Apex Legends

  6. Rossicle

    Apex Legends

    by the look of it if you match fov, hipfire is the same as cs:go
  7. by viewspeed 1 and 2 do you mean horizontal and vertical?