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  1. p0sey

    Apex Legends

    that would be awesome!
  2. p0sey

    Apex Legends

    thank you ! do you have any clue what the 2x scope fov is ? runing the game at 90fov 1080p
  3. p0sey

    Apex Legends

    what are the fov values for the default ironsights , the 1x zoom scope , and the 2x zoom scope ? Im confused about what ADS and HOLO mean , i only use ironsights , 1x and 2x and i wanna aimtrain with those fov values , could someone help me ?
  4. So im trying to figure it out wich zoom value is ADS and wich one is Holo also do all default ironsights fall into the ads cattegory ? is the 1x zoom ads ? is the 2x zoom the holo ?
  5. use monitor match 0 and your ADS sens will be 1 , anything else and it wont be 1 as far as i know. ADS sens 1 = monitor match 0 = USA 0%
  6. p0sey

    Apex Legends

    so to get the exact thing as Battlefield 5 USA 0% , i just convert my BF5 hipfire to Apex Legends hipfire and let zoom sens stay on 1 ?
  7. @DPI Wizard i was actually wrong , i compared my perceived feel sens in cs go with monitor distance vertical 0 with my bf5 x1 zoom sens , and they actually have the same feel to it , but i dont know why my brain thinks its faster on cs go even tho it feels the same ? my accuracy has dropped a bit but i tried flicking between 2 points and i can still do it accurately wich surprised me i just finished reading some posts by @Drimzi and now im convinced the best way to preserve mechanical skill is by using the monitor distance vertical 0 , could you confirm that this is correct ? should i use this way of converting for all my games or certain games need different ways to convert? my sole purpose is to find the best method to preserve my aim. what would you recomend ? im playing around 5h a day of aimtrainers taking breaks each 5 days and i really want to carry that raw skill into all my fps games so i really need to know the best conversion for that. something that its good for long term not just the short term illusion that im accurate. also to preserve my aim would you also recomend doing the conversion in battlefield 5 from x1 scope to all the other scopes ? they are all at 100%. please im sorry for beeing such an ape , this site is not a scam it was stupid of me to say that , an uninformed opinion. Would you be kind and answer all my questions ? Thanks! AHH ALMOST FORGOT is it bad to convert my zoom sens to hipfire sens ? is there a way to do it ? is the monitor match 0% good for this ?
  8. sorry for beeing an ape but was so tilted trying to find my sens
  9. im just so tilted that i cant find my sens i would literaly pay money for someone to find it for me
  10. lets say i played battlefield for years , in battlefield and cod games you dont aim with hipfire you always use zoom , you build muscle memory based on the zoom sens , and then i say im tired of playng battlefield i wanna go play cs go , and i want all those years i played battlefield to actually count right ? im sure the calculator is doing the exact thing , but im also sure that it didnt do the conversion correctly! you say why do i convert zoom sens to hipfire well why do people convert hipfire to zoom sens? if that can be converted correctly and accurately why can it be converted backwards ? like people already managed to perfectly convert overwatch hipfire to match overwatch sniper zoom perfectly , so for sure you could do that backwards imagine a pro battlefield player that has trained for years and comes to your site because he wants to switch to overwatch (for wich the calculator is as broken as the cs go ) , would you ask him too "First of all, why are you converting zoom sensitivity to hipfire?" how is that a question ? why on earth would he do that ? why on earth does this site even exist if it cant convert anything correctly unless it the same perfect fov ? i could do that with a 1 dollar ruler.
  11. btw going by the feel of it , i ended up with 37cm/360 and even that is not a perfect conversion since i still overshoot or undershoot quite often something i dont do in battlefield 5 , im actually very accurate do to using aimtrainers for over 200h
  12. Look at the picture i attached , i tried playing with your calculated sensitivity , its so damn high i can barely aim. Lets think for a second ...this is a sensitivity conversion site....why do people convert sensitivity ?? to preserve muscle memory and get the same feel of the mouse in all their games so that they aim the same in all their games , so that you transfer that mechanical skill across games , right ? isnt this the reason why you would want to have the same sens in all your games ? well why is your site so bad at doing what it is advertised to do ?
  13. i been doing some reading on this website im learning sorry if im beeing a retard
  14. so the website calculated correctly ? why my aim feels off like i have lost all my accuracy? is there any way i can set it up so i keep my acuracy intact ?
  15. @DPI Wizard how do i do this friend please tell me ?