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  1. Yeah this is hard. I think some visual examples are the easiest way to show what the theory does. Like DPIWizard's monitor distance video and 0% monitor match demo. It's taken a while to even get to a point where we all agree on one method and how exactly to explain it, that was the problem. But now that we all want to give the same answer we can get on with removing the clutter and directing people to the "wiki". And I know in many subreddits mods delete your posts if it is a repost of a previous question or a question with an answer found in the sidebar, a google search result, etc.
  2. potato psoas

    Improved monitor distance integration!

    Yeah it was a bit annoying the way it was before, this is much better. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, this information but more clearly presented.
  4. potato psoas

    Battlefield 1

    depends on which monitor match percentage you want to use
  5. potato psoas

    BO4 to fortnite

    Are your resolution settings correct? Also make sure to include the Conversion Setup at the top of the calculator.
  6. potato psoas

    Battlefield 1

    Yeah if you are using USA you don't need to change each individual SoldierZoomSensitivity, you can just set them all to 1.0 (the calculator says 0.9999 but just set them to 1) and the game will scale the sensitivity of each zoom level based on the coefficient that you have chosen. Here as an example to show you how to do it: With FOV Scaling ADS, you can have that on or off - it's personal preference. All it does is scale the ADS FOV according to your chosen FOV instead of using the usual FOV values for each guntype, e.g. if your Actual HFOV is 130 it might make your Ironsight FOV something like 124 instead of the default value of 63. Quite a big difference, but whether or not that would benefit you depends on a lot of circumstantial factors.
  7. potato psoas

    Battlefield 1

    Put USA on if you are monitor matching, because they are the same thing - they correctly scale different levels of zoom. So just set the USA Coefficient to 0% if you are using 0% monitor match. With higher percentages it depends on your aspect ratio, but 0% will be the same no matter the aspect ratio you use.
  8. potato psoas

    Battlefield V

    I might get the game cause I had fun during the beta. I live in Oceania though.
  9. potato psoas

    Swiftpoint Z Mouse

    Can you palm/claw the mouse? My fingers also hang over if I completely palm the mouse, but I don't do that - I have my palm resting on the mouse but my fingers curl onto the keys, like so:
  10. potato psoas

    Swiftpoint Z Mouse

    It's pretty much perfect for me since I palm/claw with my 8" hand. Weight doesn't matter so much to me. I use a Corsair M65 atm and it feels fine. The more important part would be the shape of the mouse because that determines how you grip, and how you grip affects your accuracy. You want a nice solid grip on the mouse for pivoting at both the arm and wrist.
  11. potato psoas

    Swiftpoint Z Mouse

    Been looking for a new mouse and I think I found something I was looking for... - Didn't want a concave shape like the slippery Deathadder, much prefer the shape of something like the Corsair M65 RGB PRO. This mouse doesn't have as good a shape as the M65 but I don't think it would be slippery at all. - Was looking for extra mouse buttons that were at the top of the mouse. Since I have big hands and I palm/claw grip, I can't press the side or middle buttons on most mice without lifting my hand off the mouse or contorting my fingers. But this mouse has these really cool "straight finger", trigger and fingertip buttons that give you loads of binding possibilities, not to mention the two on the left edge. I already know I'm gonna bind nades to them. And these kind of mouse binds would be awesome for games like Fortnite where you have all your building actions on your mouse (like the way Ninja builds with his Logitech 502 Proteus Spectrum). I have to use my scroll wheel to build with my mouse but this would be so much easier. It's pretty expensive but I am definitely gonna try it out when I have saved up the money.
  12. potato psoas

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    There is no difference between vertical and horizontal matching. If you match 100% vertical it would translate to something like 56.25% horizontal (with a 16:9 monitor, since 9/16 = 0.5625). It's all very arbitrary. 0% monitor match, however, will be the same for both horizontal and vertical.
  13. potato psoas

    How to match csgo sens to windows(logitech)

    Nah you will get used to it real quick. No need to convert perfectly. Nothing will ever be perfect. Heck, some games don't even allow you to set multiple decimal values. I wouldn't even worry about the in-game sens, because your DPI is like your universal sens changer now. So now you only need to set in-game sens once and be done with it (unless you change the FOV or get a new monitor, which will throw off the calculations).
  14. Only if you sit real close to your monitor. You should trust us, 0% monitor match does pretty much what you're asking to do. It maintains muscle memory at the crosshair.
  15. potato psoas

    Game requests

    I just had a try of it and I swear it converts my desktop DPI perfectly to in-game sens (since I play with them matched)