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  1. yeah, for desktop basic things just like moving the cursor to the edge of the screen or selecting a single letter. I feel comfortable with my ingame sensitivity but not with Desktop sensitivity (2080 DPI), when I want to minimize a window most of the time i missclick It and end up clicking the Close button instead of the minimizing one, that is so annoying. I'll just take a DPI that seems comfortable no matter if it lower or higher and try to get used to it. And most important, my ingame sens is 0.12 with 2080 DPI (249.6 eDPI), if I change my DPI to 800 for example, how do i get the same EDPI i had before ???
  2. I'm recently trying a lot of different DPIs , and f**in up my muscular memory so hard, I just can't find a comfortable DPI, Is there any way to find a comfortable DPI just like the PSA METHOD for games? BTW sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my first idiom
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