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  1. Game requests

    Its amazing how fast you got it up. Thank you so much!
  2. Game requests

    I know its bit out yet, but Request for far cry 5!
  3. GZDoom / Brutal Doom

    Should prescale option be turned on? I tried with it off and sensitivity seems way too low. Edit: Yes, it should be. Also, Mouselook speed should be set to twice that of the turning speed. From what I understand, mouselook is the vertical sensitivity while turning speed is the horizontal. By default, if both values are at 1, the horizontal sensitivity seems about half as much as the vertical, so setting Mouselook speed to 2 while turning speed is at 1 should fix it.
  4. Should I be using Viewspeed for all my games?

    That makes a lot of sense actually. Thank you!
  5. Should I be using Viewspeed for all my games?

    My question is why would 360 be used over viewspeed v2 for hipfire? Is it more accurate in terms of "feel" and muscle memory?