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  1. Thanks, I'll keep the DM1 Pro S Software in mind if I end up changing my mind down the road. I think your 2nd point there by reducing the sensitivity by an inch is what I will try to go with on Kovaak's. Week by week I'll try to reduce it and keep my DPI the same at 1600. I prefer claw grip my self. Since I'll be staying 1600 DPI while lowering my in-game sensitivity, would you recommend a different grip style? Yeah, generally I've always been at either 1600 DPI or 2400 DPI. Although, 1600 has always given me my own best results in games like Quake, R6, OW, etc. It might just be placebo. Hahah
  2. Hey everyone, Just to expand off the title, I have ALWAYS played 1600 DPI for well over a decade now and have been looking to self improve my aim. I want to make the switch slowly to an IN GAME SENSITIVITY (r6, Apex Legends) specific for someone playing on 800 DPI now that I have Kovaak's Aim trainer bought, but I am in between whether I should keep the same DPI (1600) and slowly lower my in game sens to something accustomed to 800 DPI. (reason being I am figuring that 800 DPI overall will be too slow to navigate regular web browsing and I am not a fan of having to switch the DPI in between from 800 to 1600 every time for just that) OR Just lower the DPI to 800. Keep in mind though, I own a FinalMouse Ultralight Pro. So I am unable to decrease the DPI by 100 each week, the set prefixes are 400/800/1600/2400. Also, I'm not wanting to go out and buy a new mouse for this. If you did something similar to what I want to achieve doing, how did you find your natural sensitivity after being accustomed to a higher DPI on your main game? I have Kovaak's to practice and hone my own personalized sens over the course of the switch too. To be more specific, should I use 6 inches as a base 360 degree turn for a general marker for example. Any advice or tips are appreciated, thanks for reading.
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