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  1. TheMagroth

    Apex Legends

    Thanks for the reply! So to wrap this up.. I'll put 103 FOV ingame, 0.9 for my sensitivity and the multiplier should be simply "1"? Besides that, after doing the adjustments you said I get these cl_fovScale values, which one is the one I should use? Thanks again.
  2. TheMagroth

    Apex Legends

    @DPI Wizard Any chance you can shed some more light on my recent post?
  3. TheMagroth

    Apex Legends

    Hey, thanks for the reply! Just to clarify a couple of things... 1) Does the FOV-type matter in this case? 2) I used the Aim-alternative "Hipfire (Config File FOV), I put "cl_fovScale "1.2376" in profile.cfg - But the calculation says "cl_fovScale 1.272159", should I change it? 3) After the edit my FOV according to in-game is 88 and if I adjust it from the menu the cl_fovScale in profile.cfg reverts to "1.45375" - What should I do here? 4) The bottom highlighted line, Actual HFOV: 105.35 degrees - Is that the actual numbers I should be using to replicate 103 FOV from Overwatch and if so how do I adjust it without offsetting the change I did to cl_fovsScale? Thanks again for your patience and wisdom.
  4. TheMagroth

    Apex Legends

    Hello MS-community! For the longest of time I've exclusively played Overwatch and I'm very particular about my aim. I've payed for premium to make my transition to Apex as smooth as possible since I'm not that good at this. I'm pretty satisfied with my OW setup and would like to replicate it as close as possible with Apex. I believe my aim with the heroes Ana/Widow & Ashe is as close to 1:1 as is possible (please correct me if I'm wrong). I made the to cl_fovscale as per this thread to get FOV closer to 1:1 - Do I need to manually change my FOV-value within the game as well and in that case to what value? Does my calculation look correct and what should the ADS modifier be at? After the edit to cl_fovscale I just left it as "1", is that correct? Thanks in advance.