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  1. knallpulver

    Apex Legends

    Hi! Can someone help me with what FOV i should set in Apex to match my FOV in Overwatch? Below is a screenshot with my correct values for overwatch, but i don't know which one of all the FOV-options i should set in Apex for it to feel the same as the 103 i have in Overwatch. Is it 90, 73.74 or 106.26?
  2. knallpulver

    Apex Legends

    No, but i found out Apex is on Source engine so 1.0 hipfire in Apex is 1.0 in CS:GO. The ADS i'm still unsure of.
  3. knallpulver

    Apex Legends

    Hi! Just purchased premium and are not really sure how to convert sens from Overwatch Ashe ADS to Apex ADS. Overwatch settings: 3.33 sens 800 DPI Ashe zoom sens: 51.47 Fov: 103 I get the hipfire conversion to 0.999000, which feels right. But then i get the mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_0 "1.554324" which feels way to high.