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  1. iBerggman

    Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    It's a little disappointing that they've gone and used the same sensitivity range as the first game, sadly it doesn't seem like the "minMouseSensitivity" and "maxMouseSensitivity" can be changed like you could before either. I suppose the range is alright at 400dpi but at 1200dpi the lowest it goes is 66.497cm and I'd need to be 90cm+ for my sensitivity.
  2. iBerggman

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    @DPI Wizard I noticed these two settings: "maxMouseSensitivity = 80 & minMouseSensitivity = 2" in the config (...\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division\state.cfg) and setting them to 8 and 0.02 just to test did indeed lower the sensitivity range by a lot in game, do you think these could be added to increase the usable range of the in game sliders? I didn't test it much more than that so I don't know how well it works or what numbers would give a reasonable range but I think it might be worth updating the game since there's probably been a bit of an increase in (new) players since the game was in last months Humble Bundle and now on sale for like 5€ both on Steam and Uplay, not to mention the fact that the launch of The Division 2 is right around the corner.
  3. iBerggman


    How does the game run, I mean should I be excited for the open demo next weekend? It's difficult to judge performance based on youtube since everyone seems to put it on the ultra preset for some reason whereas I usually leave textures, and maybe aa and effects higher and turn down pretty much everything else to medium/low.
  4. iBerggman

    Vertical Sync vs FPS Limit

    I'd recommend browsing both blurbusters and the blurbusters forums because I'm pretty sure that's where you'll find the most information about anything relating to monitors especially when it comes to input lag and refresh rate. This post is actually mainly about G-Sync but there's a bit of info regarding vsync and frame limiters in there as well to get you started, there's more specific ones if you search a little but that's the one that came to my mind first.
  5. iBerggman

    Confused about the proper way to convert

    I don't know if the "All" option should appear in the "Convert from" panel, the main idea behind it is so that i can be used in the output game so that it displays all your converted sensitivities without having to go through every sight separately. I'd recommend you just set the input game Aim to Hipfire and save that as a profile and leave it at that since you don't really need to change that. Oh and unless you already are already using values converted with 0% monitor match you have to choose the sight with the sensitivity you like the most and convert from that since every conversion method will give you different values for the different sights compared to hipfire.
  6. iBerggman

    Mouse sensitivity

    Do I understand this correctly, you want to find out the exact cm/360 for a certain scope in Battlefield? This should be displayed below the calculator if you set Battlefield as the input game and fill out the slots according to how you have it set in game then change the aim Aim in the top right from "All" to whatever sight you want to check. If you've used uniform soldier aiming with the default coefficient before then 0% will definitely take a while to get used to since it is quite a bit slower while aiming down sights. I've used it for over a month and it's only just now starting to feel intuitive to me, but then again I did use Viewspeed and 56.25% for quite a while before switching.
  7. This guide written by Skidushe is a great place to start if you haven't read it already, it teaches you how all the different conversion methods available work as well as the benefits they have compared against each other. But generally speaking 0% monitor match aka zoom ratio is considered the most mathematically sound method so that's probably what I'd recommend you to start with if you wanted a direct answer.
  8. iBerggman

    Escape from Tarkov sens issue

    Unfortunately I think it's the latter where it just lowers your sensitivity by a certain amount but I hope someone more familiar with the game can confirm whether this is true or not. I just know that the in-game description of the armor states a percentage based turn speed reduction "change turning speed" and that I've seen a lot of complaints on reddit and forums about it, but then again on the other hand you have people defending it for the sake of realism so I don't really know what to think.
  9. iBerggman

    Escape from Tarkov sens issue

    I don't play the game myself but my understanding is that the problem is mostly with the game itself since the mouse sensitivity (and a lot of other things) scale with weight? and ergonomics? which means that it's basically impossible to set a universally correct sensitivity unless you use exactly the same equipment every raid. I suppose you could change it according to your loadout but I don't really see that being viable since you often change out your equipment with stuff you loot while in the raid?
  10. iBerggman

    Mouse Sensor Accuracy Test #1 (G900 vs EC2-A vs PM3360)

    I haven't really followed the sensor discussions too much lately but is there any reason to expect the Hero might be something "better" than a 3360/3389 with some additional power saving features? Well I suppose I should say 3390 since that's apparently exactly what that is. I mean sensor implementation is one thing but to me it just seems comparing sensors has become a bit of a meme when you have people claiming there's night/day differences between the 3360, 3366 and Truemove1 sensors even though they're technically pretty much the exact same sensor with some firmware? tweaks. But yeah it would be interesting to see if said power saving features come with any disadvantages as far as tracking quality goes.
  11. iBerggman

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Yeah, I suppose that would fix it, sometimes you don't notice these small details before you post it and read it through yourself.
  12. iBerggman

    Ring of Elysium

    Did you test if setting the sensitivity through the config file works? I tried to set my crouch to hold with "eInputMethodCrouch="EIM_Hold" but it didn't have any effect in game so I didn't even bother testing the sensitivities after that.
  13. iBerggman

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Funny how this works, before I switched to the Artisan Zero FX MID I was perfectly happy with my Razer Gigantus but now that I've used the Zero for ~2 months I'm starting to feel like I could go for an even faster pad. Before I switched I was actually worried I wouldn't be able to adjust since the Zero was noticeably faster than the Gigantus, however now that I've finally adjusted there's really no going back to be honest. I just pulled the Gigantus out of storage to try and man does it feel like dragging the mouse through mud, even with Hyperglides. I don't even wan't to get out the G-SR because that one was already slow when compared to the Gigantus... I don't really regret it either since I do feel like I'm playing better with a faster pad, I think using a slower pad was kind of like a crutch for me and was actually holding me back so I'm honestly glad I finally made the change. I have a Hayate too that I haven't used too much because it makes a lot of noise when swiping but it is quite a bit faster so I suppose that's the next step. Otherwise the G-TFX, the DM pad or maybe even the MP510 could be interesting to try. I've actually been thinking of ways to objectify my findings so my impressions would be of better use to others as well, mousepads are becoming somewhat of a hobby of mine but it feels like a waste to keep buying pads just to try them out myself...
  14. iBerggman

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    As far as I know they haven't updated the game since the sensitivities were checked the last time so the calculator should still be accurate. I suppose it's a bit of a stretch since the game launched like a month ago but did you by chance play the game before release? The release version changed the fov type used for the config value so check you have that set correctly, I remember 90 4:3 used to be 98.67 or something like that with the old versions but now it uses 4:3 fov values. Might be worth deleting the config and have the game generate a new one as well if you played it at some point before launch, I know I had both the old and new sensitivity values in my config right after the update. UE often seems to do that for some reason. Oh, and make sure you have "scale with fov" and "prefer scope fov" checked according to what you have it set to in the calculator because that would definitely feel wrong if you have those set incorrectly. Other than that I don't know what it could be, maybe you could screenshot your settings in game and/or the calculator so we can see if we see anything that's off?
  15. iBerggman

    Loss of precision with higher sens?

    Well, I mean doing any motion over and over is likely going to cause some wear. It's just that in this case the wrist is more fragile/delicate with the carpal tunnel and all that, compared to the elbow and shoulder joint anyway. But honestly, as long as you don't feel any pain/strain on your wrist you probably don't have to worry too much though. Personally I know I can't really use wrist aim because my wrist gets quite sore/tired if I play for an extended time whereas with mainly arm aiming I haven't really ever had a problem.