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  1. WhoCares?


    Sensitivity inside Javelins is working as it should now?
  2. WhoCares?

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Here is my modded G pro wireless You may ask why I did this...well I had a biking-injury and was stupide enough to not properly let it heal off. Now I have permantent capal-tunnel in my right hand pinky. In every day usage I doesn't me hinder at all and I don't even notice it, but when playing multiple days in a row with longer gaming session, it starts to hurt. I can only use mice that are extremly wide, or with a wrist for my pinky. Sadly the G pro wireless is offers of this, so I had to mod it ! Sure..its not super competitive now since it is un-balanced and a tiny bit heavyer, but at last I can use it It's a great mod! Not the best execution I have done there, but it is doing ist Job The right part was stolen from and old CM MM520 with a cracked cable.
  3. WhoCares?

    Windows / Desktop to Cs go 180°

    It should look like this: Of cause your new sensitivity will be different, since your starting point is the desktop and than converting to the game. You can try different DPI values to get closer to your old cm/360°. You can even try different Windows pointer-speed (WPS) steps in conjunction with different DPI values to get as close as possible to your old cm/360° (or you do a reverse claculation from csgo to Desktop which (unfortunately) can often lead to really high or low DPI and really high or low WPS.)
  4. WhoCares?

    Windows / Desktop to Cs go 180°

    I guess 180° is a arbitrar number and wouldn't make sense. You could go for 106.26° (CS:GO's fixed FOV and equals 90° on a 4:3 display). Going from the left side to the right side would result in 100% monitor match. Still, when converting from desktop to game, 0% monitor match is recommended instead of 100%
  5. WhoCares?

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Little review on the cooler master MP510: For me, this is the best mousepad I have used so far! Start and stopping speed from accelerating/decelerating the mouse are the same (As rocket jump ninja already said in his Video. He was absolutly right) The Mousepad is quit fast, nearly as fast as my Zowie GTFX. Together it makes for maintaining max speed while still be able to decelerating quickly and mircoadjust without stutters. At first the Surface feels very strange and rough to the skin, but you get used to it really fast. On top of it, my hand when getting sweaty doesnt stick to the surface at all. And for people who like to drink infront of their PC...it's water proofed as well 😂 I only wish that the L size would be a bit bigger. I highly recommend this Mousepad!!😊 (especially for people like me who have no chance of ordering one of the ARTISAN mousepad in our country^^)
  6. Congratulation cchhqq ! You should stick to your sensitivity 😂 But RIP me, I never ever won anything in any gambling-contest 😅 I thought this time I would have good chancec since not a lot of people took part😔
  7. Well my second bet is 500001 instead of the invalid 5000001 than 😅😅
  8. Upps, one 0 too much xD
  9. WhoCares?

    Vermintide 2 Zoom Sensitivity Mod

    I already had an eye on both titles But hopefully they support a practical ADS sensitivity slider/scaling method right of the box, and we don't have to rely on your work 😂😅
  10. WhoCares?

    Vermintide 2 Zoom Sensitivity Mod

    For some reason you always make mods for all the game I am playing like Paypay2, KillingFloor2 and now Vermintide 2 😂 Huge thank you !❤️💪
  11. Just a note: On german keyboards Z and Y are exchanged, so I voted for the wrong finger (index) by accident^^ I dont like binding anything to Z (US-layout) since it is uncomfortable to use in-game for me. But if I would use it, I would use my ring-finger
  12. WhoCares?

    Need Help

    Please dont spam in three Subforums. ADS Field of view Affected means that the FOV while zooming in will be closer to your hipfire value...so in your case much wider. Independent is just a fix value for each sight. This was also used in older CoDs If you want the same sensitivity scaling for ADS like in older CoDs use Legacy mode. You also might want to use 107.14 in Bo4 since Bo3s fov scaling is slightly off and you were effectively playing with 107.14 fov all the time You dont need to calculate it for every single sight, Bo4 has a universal scaling option for it, but if you want the same feeling as in Bo3 leave it on legacy.
  13. I clearly said: "from technical standpoint" Once i was really interested into this game as well.
  14. What?! What developer comes up with this stupide ideas? xD That game is a flop from technical standpoint.