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  1. Okay whats the difference between the %? I just want whatever the sens is while I ADS in a 1X scope on Apex to be my csgo sens and what did you change to apply the fact im on stretched on CSGO?
  2. Hi guys, I want my sens in Apex converted to counter strike:global offensive. The issue I have is that I want the sens when ADS'ing in a 1x Scope in apex, to convert to CSGO hipfire. No idea what I'm doing really, I can only manage to get the hipfire conversion which is 1:1. Config FOV apex: 1.55 FOV Apex: 110 Sens apex (hipfire): 2.36 Res APEX: 1920x1080 Res CSGO: 1024x768 DPI: 400 Please advise.
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