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  1. @Skwuruhl Hey did you see my question in my last post? I was hoping to get your opinion. I have a great sensitivity on my desktop and I want to translate it into my games as accurately as possible.
  2. @Skwuruhl I've spent a good hour reading. What would you consider the best setting to get a 2d - 3d match of desktop to game? I use 25% monitor distance right now. Having read the arguments in the viewspeed thread, it seems the opinion is the math is faulty. Do you have any suggestions? Some argue that 0% monitor distance is the best for desktop to 3d game.
  3. A search of the forum gave no official explanation of what Viewspeed is or the difference between v1 and v2.
  4. Hi. I want to make a swipe of my desktop match a swipe in an FPS game. I would previously measure distances on my mousepad and make a swipe which matches by marking points on each edge of the screen while in game. I'm currently trying to use this new tool you made to match the desktop and my games. What percentage would I use? 100%? I know it might be different, but with this setting it would match a full swipe right?
  5. Awesome, feels perfect now. If you have time, please add "Leave advanced options unchecked" in the reflex profile of the Reflex sensitivity converter so people don't make my mistake.
  6. The only thing I did in the advanced settings is remove acceleration which had a value something like 0.20 or 20 in it. This is a screenshot of my advanced settings. http://imgur.com/uZC6ztp So I need to have acceleration on for it to work? It is definitely a lot slower in game, just from the middle to the edge of the screen is way slower ingame.
  7. Thanks I didn't know if it was just me being dumb Hope it gets fixed soon.
  8. Actually i'm not really sure what is going on but i'd say ingame a swipe of my screen in twice as slow as on my desktop using these settings.
  9. Ok, it seems like the problem is the FOv. The higher the fov, the slower the sensitivity seems to get in the converter. But I thought the point of using the converter is to make it so that one swipe of my desktop/another game is exactly the same as the other game regardless of what FOV you use as well as other variables?
  10. Its definitely not working correctly. My sensitivity in Reflex is much slower. There are advanced options in reflex if you tick a specific box. This shows mouse acceleration and other stuff. Maybe there has been an update to reflex which affects this. This might help http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3249-new-mouse-settings-038/
  11. it doesnt feel right, are you sure its the same fov?
  12. Need killing floor 2 ASAP!!!!!!!
  13. Reflex, it will be the next Quake multiplayer, it looks amazing and just got released on steam for early access
  14. scoped seems really fast for me, doesnt seem right.
  15. I'm trying to change my CS:GO mouse sensitivity to match my windows desktop mouse sensitivity. I use a widescreen monitor, so i changed the fov base in your tool to "resolution", but what im finding now is that the tool changed the fov to something different than 90. so i dont think im understanding what im doing properly. I want to make a swipe of my desktop in windows as close to possible as a swipe of the screen in cs:go. My monitor iss widescreen1920x1080 and i use 350 dpi, windows 6/11 sensitivity
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