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  1. Its still in acceptable range even for arm-only mouse movent technique and palm grip. No need to worry
  2. Thanks for detailed response and explanation! The fact that monitor diagonal also depends on the way mouse sensitivity feels was counter intuitive indeed, cause from my own experience it felt absolutely the same without any diviations to my regular aim accuracy either using 19", 24" or any other monitor size as long as aspect ratio is kept the same. The only thing changed was the visual perception of the picture on display, like its being harder to keep edges of the screen in focus for eyesight on larger monitors so distance how far you sit from the monitor had to be adjusted accordingly. But seems like techincally monitor size also plays sufficient role in those calculations
  3. Hey there. Recently i came up with the question if the size of the picture/targets ingame (focal length) should be also considered when comparing sensitivities? As far as we allready know even same cm per 360 but on different FOV would give you completely different feeling. For example 20cm/360 on fov 80 would feel like much much faster sens then 20cm/360 on fov 120. For the same reason you dont want your cm/360 to be the same when in hipfire and zoomed modes and sens ratio scaling exists for that matter. Same goes why monitor distance is more superior method to get consistent mouse feel across different games then just raw copying cm/360 from game to game.(Even though its still arguable which one is better 0% monitor distance, 75% ,100% or whatever but we can clearly state that fov factor matters when we comparing sensitivities) Now lets think of an opposite factor. The higher the fov the smaller targets appear on your screen making them in theory harder to hit since you need to be more precise which leads to a question if sensitivity should be lowered accordingly to match the same feeling? For instance we compare settings of two players, both of them have same monitor size, use same screen resolution but they have different FOV which means their visual perspective of an objects on the screen would be different in game and we can calculate how big they appear for them by using Focal Lenght calculation (that is rough and technically incorrect explonation of what focal length stand for but still we get actual number of pixels as the result of that calc which kinda represents the size of objects) So knowing that focal length values, lets assume its 1000 pixels for player1 and 500pixels for player2 is it fair to say that if player2 wants to match player1's mouse feeling without changing his focal length he would need to lower his sens by 50%? Any thoughts on this? Would be appreciated
  4. Would also love to see new G PRO Hero sensor test vs old G PRO PMW3366 sensor Btw what mouse pad was used in previous tests? PS. DPIWizard, do you have old Logitech G3 or Logitech G5 by any means? If so i would've subscribe for 3 years/pay for specific test or whatever for you to test it
  5. Hey Wizard, can you add old classics: HL1 and Portal1 pls for your sbscrbr
  6. Make sure you have browser scale at 100%, also I would suggest to use more then 1 inch for target distance (atleast 5-6) since its too short distance and as a result more deviations and inacuracy from human factor. If it says target distance is out of range use lower WPS
  7. I tried to convert my normal QL sens to QL zoom sens and results were complitely wrong.. So here are the steps ive done: 1) Im using 800x600 res, 800 dpi, 2.5 ingame sens and 90 fov in QL 2) Wanted a flat convertion from 90fov 2.5sens to 45fov and 2x times slower sens when zoomed 3) Used match monitor distance by 100% to get those results , so according to calculator if i want my 20,7818cm per 360 (which is sens 2.5 and 800 dpi) become 41,5636cm per 360 when using zoom_fov 45 my cg_zoomsensitivity should be 0.850558 4) Tried that ingame and instead of 41,5cm per 360 when zoomed i end up with 50+cm.. Is there a mistake in your zoom formula? Mb it somehow has to deal that im using 4x3 aspect instead of 16x9, but thats just a guess
  8. Hey! There is new Postal 2 release on Steam. Would be good occasion to add this game and maybe Postal 3 aswell due to this:) Also there was some Painkiller release on Steam too not long ago. If you can take a look into Painkiller series thats gonna be awesome. And the last thing since i decided to ask for classic games, you promised to add Half-Life 1 once Wont be a big deal since it shares a widely spread and known quake engine sens formula just not sure about fov influence in HL1. Thanks in advance
  9. Can anyone explain base length value in calculator pls. I understand it is some correlation between sens and fov and a distance you mostly operate within according to those but still need a better explanation,how it is calculated and work etc.
  10. Please add Serious Sam Fusion. Its smth like SS First and Second Encounter HD +SS3 on a new engine
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