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  1. Does no one know how to enter that into the calculator?
  2. I'm a bit stuck on converting my BF V sens to apex. My BF V Settings: CONTROLS: BASIC: soldier mouse aim Sensitivity 20 (default) solder zoom aim sensitivity 100% ADVANCED TAB: Stick aiming left/right acceleration 0% (yes it says stick but a clanmate said that it affects mouse aim too and ofc u dont want any left/right acceleration) Uniform soldier aiming ON USA Coefficient 100% (I think that makes the sensitivity the same at all zoom levels) 1x -10x zoom sensitivity all on 100% soldier aim ratio 100% (basically means the left/right sens is the same as up/down sens which isn't default!) VIDEO: FULLSCREEN 1920x1080 60hz FOV 90(when u hover over it it says horizontal FOV 106) ADS FOV ON I'm not sure how and where to enter that into the calculator, any help appreciated! Just tell me if you need more informations. Thanks in advance!
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