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  1. Alphacopter

    Sea of Thieves

    1.0.8 was a much needed patch. It would be fantastic to have these new ADS values added to the calculator.
  2. Alphacopter


    Any chance for an update to the calculator for Diver Aim Down Sights Sensitivity under Settings > Input > Options?
  3. Alphacopter

    Game requests

    Been really enjoying the wallrunning parkour game Super Cloudbuilt lately; would be nice to have this one included.
  4. Alphacopter

    Game requests

    It would be nice to see Keystone added eventually (currently in closed alpha).
  5. Alphacopter

    Game requests

    Would love to see the Rise of the Triad remake get added.
  6. Alphacopter

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Listed below is the correct config file path; the listing in the calculator is vestigial from the PC beta. %USERPROFILE%\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront\settings
  7. Alphacopter


    STRAFE's entry in the calculator may soon become inaccurate, as the game's first patch will feature a change to mouse sensitivity.