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  1. I assume you are referring to the previous topic in march 2018? I was just requesting Vertical sens be added to the calculation.
  2. If you are also matching the FOV across all those titles they shouldn't feel any different. Its probably best to just stick to one sensitivity to build up muscle memory. In the event you can't match the FOV, you can try out the Viewspeed option in the calculator to get a similar feel.
  3. First time trying this game out, the vertical sens still seems to be slower than what I'm used to. They do have a Vertical sensitivity option if you could take a look into that @DPI Wizard
  4. I believe its the third person targeting option. Like pubg when you hold rclick instead of clicking.
  5. It definitely does feel a bit different even on 16:9. It might just be the viewmodel but I'd like to see this game get re-evaluated just to be sure.
  6. @DPI Wizard Planning on playing this with a friend this weekend. I'm not sure what the settings are like for this game, but adding it would be nice if you already own it. Much appreciated
  7. Free with Twitch Prime right now, could you add it to the calculator?
  8. Warframe now shows and allows you to enter a value for most settings. However, it doesn't allow decimal points, but you can still move the slider in between points as per usual (the value on the side rounds up to display the nearest number without decimal). The FOV slider is from 52-78 which I presume is vertical degrees. (Note that the FOV setting doesn't affect FOV when in the ship). Perhaps these things can be reflected in the calculator?
  9. Savage Resurrection? http://store.steampowered.com/app/366440/ My friend just gifted it to me, busy at the moment but want to be ready and comfortable playing when I'm done later this week. Looked rather interesting, RTS + FPS combo.
  10. Wouldn't be able to share the results from a premium subscription, but with some basic math skills you should be able to figure out your old sensitivity without the calculator. Granted it might not be exact because Overwatch doesn't have decimal points in the UI. So here is a simple Algebra problem for ya; Old dpi / New dpi = X (Old Sensitivity)X = New Sensitivity That equation should work for the majority of games. Hope this helps!
  11. Assuming you haven't changed any of the multipliers in the ini file, you would enter your sensitivity into the conversion calculator as you normally would, then also set the "multiplier" which by default is .02 It should also be noted that if you want to match CS:GO's FoV in Siege, the setting would be about 74(73.74) vertical degrees (which translates to 90 horizontal on 4:3) EDIT: You can also select "Hipfire (Simple)" from the drop-down menu and it will enter the default multiplier for you.
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