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  1. Okej :O what settings shuld i use or what is the sens do you get ? I get much higher on new converter and lower on the old one :O . is this one right 2.515630 ?
  2. Hi I wonder if it possible to take windows desktop sens when you take the pointer frome the side to the other side on the screen is 180° (half turn) on CS GO? is it possible to convert that ? 1920*1080 Resolution and 400 DPI/CPI on both and no windows Acc / Raw inputt Off Thx for help
  3. If you like the shape of G pro Wireless/ G903 , have you tested Zowie FK 2-1+ or ThunderX3 AM7/ Genesis Krypton 800 I have G903 but its little to big in the front for me, right now i Use DM1 FPS and Zowie FK and Xtrfy M3
  4. Hi Can someone help me caculate Sniper sens frome overwatch "Relative Aim Sensitivity While Zoomed" to H1z1 sniper ? ScopedMouseSensitivity=? ADSMouseSensitivity=?
  5. Edit not only for zooming / I use 450dpi on all/ hipfire
  6. Hi How to i caculate my zoom sens frome 1 dpi to a other ?, Relative Aim Sensitivity While Zoomed 35 with 400dpi too 450 dpi ? I dont know how
  7. Really nice video would nice to see other mouses =) Like new steelseries mouse m310 or Old Rival =) Dpi accurity was thxfull and important for me when it comes to sensor test =) thanx for this
  8. Thanx gonna try it out, it gonna be hard to be precisely
  9. Hi is it possible to see the exactly DPI the mouse is on. I using Nixeus Revel on 400dpi 500hz but when I move the mouse 5cm or 10cm the crosshair come much longer then when I do the same with Zowie ec1-a or Steelseries Rival and they allso is using 400dpi / 500hz. So i think the Nixeus Revel says it using 400dpi but its reading higher then that or how to say it. So i wounder if i can se if the mouse is reading like 450dpi but the setting is on 400.
  10. So if i want as close as possible "windows sensitivity to game" I need to caculate a new sens frome "windows to game" when I change resolution in game ?. Sorry for my bad english
  11. Hi When i calculate frome Windows to a game EX: windows 1920*1080 400DPI Then game H1Z1 or CS 1152*768 400DPI i got sens 0.126746 (just a exempel) then i calculate frome same game to game with different resolution with the sens i got with that resolution H1Z1 1152*768 400DPI Sensitivity 0.126746 H1Z1 1920*1080 400DPI =Sensitivity 0.126746 Then I got same sens on all resolutions between the game, but not when take "Windows" to game H1Z1 1920*1080 400DPI ex: =Sensitivity 0.166746 then i got a new sens why is it like that ?
  12. I'm confused When i convert from Windows to Counter strike i get the same Counter strike sensitivity on DPI 400/450 / 800 Dpi and so on Its first when i Change Resolution On counter strike the sensitivity changes. Windows WPS: 6 DPI: 400 RES: 1920 x 1080 Counter strike WPS: 6 DPI: 400 RES: 1920 x 1080 has exempel same sensitivity as Windows WPS: 6 DPI: 500 RES: 1920 x 1080 Counter strike WPS: 6 DPI: 500 RES: 1920 x 1080 What do i do wrong :/ ?
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