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  1. Bernd Matthys

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    We are working on BO4 and ADS update as we speak but since this game is very complicated to analyse it will take some time. But we hope to get it done next week for www.3daimtrainer.com
  2. I suggest to be polite if you're asking someone to share or explain one of his most important tools for building his calculator. You seem to forget that in a way this script also provides the websites monthly income and isn't something that should be thrown out on the streets, as it is part of the websites IP. So i should be humble. The wizard is already VERY helpful when it comes to technical questions regarding the calculator, which deserves the utmost respect.
  3. Bernd Matthys

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    Hi Keyinator, Thx for posting this bug you've caught. At this point i can't reproduce it but i will look into it. Thx for reaching out. PS: which browser are you using?
  4. Bernd Matthys

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    This will be available in v2.1 as states on the site. https://www.3daimtrainer.com/feedback.html Expected release is hard to say but i guess somewhere early Q2. Grtz
  5. Bernd Matthys

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    This problem should be resolved now, we have stripped the build from unnecessary assets. This significantly reduced the download size.
  6. Bernd Matthys

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    Fortnite doesn't support first person hipfire and is in fact a 3rd person game with aiming down sight capability for scopes only. The reason it's in our trainer is because we're testing with ADS scopes for version 2.1 but at this point it isn't an effective training since scopes aren't supported yet for public use. And that's also the reason why the sensitivity isn't correct. In fact we should remove it from the trainer until we do support scopes. Thx for bringing this up.
  7. Bernd Matthys

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    Hi Wizard, Thx for the info! We're being economical with the memory allocation so we exclude as few browsers and users as possible. We've upped it with some MB's. Could you check again? It's all about finding that sweet spot you know, that's why it's a BETA build .
  8. Bernd Matthys

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    One thing: Some users are experiencing loading times up to a minute and more. This shouldn't be happening since we focused hard on reducing loading times and making everything as light as possible for maximum compatibility. When testing we had a maximum loading time of 20 seconds on a 5 year old medium budget desktop PC. So we're gathering as much data as possible to resolve this issue, that's why i'm asking you guy's to post your loading times twice down below. Twice! because there should be a difference between the first and second time. First time: Browser downloads the build. (which shouldn't take more than 20 seconds on a modern average desktop) Second time: Browser should take it from within the cache memory reducing the loading time. Thx!
  9. Dear Members, Almost a year after our initial launch we finally bring you version 2.0 of our 3daimtrainer. A lot of you guys were very interested in this, asking questions and requesting new features. So i'm very glad i can finally tell you version 2.0 Beta is live now! We invested a lot of time creating a brand new and future proof framework but it was well worth it. We can now push out updates more often and deliver community requests faster and easier. This combined with a snappier and lag free experience we hope to fulfill the community expectations. So spread the word! https://www.3daimtrainer.com/ Version 2.0 Beta includes: - A moving animated character with 4 weapons and synchronized movement speed / camera height for popular games like: Overwatch, PUBG, CSGO,... - Inverted mouse movement and complete option menu with keybinding and crosshair options. - Complete new level design - Multi-target spawn option for flick mode. - Brand new track mode for tracking targets (still working on improvements) -.... Before strapping this up i want to thank the mouse-sensitivity crew and specially Mr. DPI Wizard for supporting us. Our small team really appreciate this!
  10. Bernd Matthys

    Mouse sensor accuracy test

    Got myself the G900, previous i used the g402 but that one got some negative acceleration, the g900 is just incredible!
  11. Little problem with the WPS multiplier in view speed modus. When converting from desktop to a WPS independent game using view speed modus the calculator doesn't take the "real movement speed" into account. It just copies the DPI value from the desktop to the game. Instead the calculator should recalculate the real desktop movement speed This is wrong because the "real movement" speed should be calculated on 540DPI instead of 2160DPI since WPS 3 = 2160dpi * 0.4 = 540 DPI like i changed here. Like this. So when a game is WPS independent the calculator should first recalculate the real desktop movement speed so in this case 540 DPI and use that instead. (while it can still show 2160DPI @ WPS:3) For me this isn't a problem but for other less experienced users this can be confusing.
  12. Big thx for the feedback, i'm glad you guys like it To answer your feedback and give you our near future plans. The "restart training" and "back to menu" button will be added sometime next week. We know we have some issues using mozilla firefox, we are looking into it. Google Chrome doesn't have the "WPS" and "crosshair" issue We are working on a "track aim mode" that simulates "realistic" movements like "A-D strafing", jumping and crouching, where you can set "target speed". But with this mode we also want to implement "character movement" as it otherwise limits the gamemode. As for the "character movement" itself, we want a 1:1 ratio with the selected game to make the simulation as realistic as possible. But this takes a lot of time to work out and for games like Overwatch the movement speed is different for some of the "Heroes" making it a challenge. So i can't give you an ETA on this but know it's in the pipeline and it will probably releases in stages. We're also thinking about some type of gun that fires a "beam" with a "tap fire" and "continuously fire" mode giving you much better feedback towards your aim. As for the rest, more settings like "audio mute" and "crosshair types" will be added in time. H1Z1 will be implemented in the very near future as we are working on this game right now. Since this is a side project of ours, the speed of working out our plans depends highly on the succes of the website itself. So spread the and we will step things up a bit, providing you guys with some great features . And if the Wizard agrees, i will make a topic to inform the members of mousesensitivity with updates and feedback. As i think in the long run both websites can benefit from each other as we both trying to improve gamers aim in different ways. Grtz.
  13. There is no "Holly Grail" or "Golden" ratio. Matching "viewing speed" only "works" when the FOV difference isn't too big. Using the same viewing speed when the FOV cut's in half makes you crosshair very sensitive and there is little room for error. So these are the options you have. 1. Deal with it and learn to shoot with high sensitivity and little room for error. In the long run it might work, but it will take some serious dedication and practice. Also the hipfire sens needs to be low enough, but no matter the game if you can't do a 180° in one mouse slide it's a handicap imo. You can get away with it in games like CSGO or battlefield that aren't very fast paced and when they hit you in the back your dead anyway. But in games like Overwatch or Quake your screwed. 2. Use mouse acceleration. It's a nasty thought but something like this can help http://mouseaccel.blogspot.be/2015/11/quickstart-guide-to-configuring-driver.html It's a driver that uses a linear acceleration curve and has a "speed ceiling" you can configure, making flicks precise and won't affect your longer range tracking, So you can use low sens. But it i haven't any experience with it. 3. Use monitor matching. Well, we all know what that is and it isn't perfect but you can sync up the distance between hip and ADS of where most of your enemies are running when using ADS. 4. Don't give a sh*t. And that's what i'm been doing. In the end "flicking" is all about that split second when your crosshair is crossing the enemies head and having the reflex when to press that left mouse button. And your eyes are providing you that information. So when you can sync up that information with the time it takes for your body and finger to react, having the exact same mouse sensitivity isn't necessary. A couple of day's ago me and 2 friends have launched a website called http://www.3daimtrainer.com it convert in-game sensitivities and field of view to our aimtrainer providing you the exact same aim as in your selected game. And let you train your aim in a consistent environment, focusing on aiming only and way more efficient than in the game itself or any training mode. Anyway this site is provided with a lot a high quality video's and a guide https://www.3daimtrainer.com/science.html explaining you everything you need to know about aiming and how it actually works (also monitor matching and mouse behavior in 3D games) In one of those videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMezceozpk i show muscle memory and eye-hand coordination in the overwatch training arena. It actually takes me 10 minutes to adjust to a new sensitivity because the reflex my body has while passing the crosshair over the head is still the same. going from 28 to 44 aimed scope sensitivity took me 10 minutes to shoot those robots at the same rate, ofcourse in-game it takes longer because the hitboxes are 10x smaller (lol) but still my accuracy doesn't go down that much. What i mean is, don't overrate having the same sensitivity, there are other factors to that are at least so important So that are my 4 options
  14. Allright second try (Using DNAMITE methode) So in my previous calculation my arc distance was correct, but i didn't convert back to desktop like i should. I will use pixels again, like in my previous calculation. data: Game: Overwatch Sens: 7 DPI: 640 Res: 2560*1440 FOV hipfire: 103 FOV Scope: 51 Step 1: Calculating Arc distance (Image length) We know the chord which is the horizontal display resolution = 2560p We know the hipfire angle = 103° or 1.79769 RADS And we know the scope angle = 51° or 0.89012 RADS To skip in calculations this means that: Hipfire circle radius = 1635.5566p Scope circle radius = 2973.2102p So the arc length (3D image) is: Hipfire circle arc length = Radius * Angle (RADS) = 1635.5566 * 1.79769 = 2940.222467p Scope circle arc length = Radius * Angle (RADS) = 2973.2102 * 0.89012 = 2646.507707p Step 2: Calculating % difference with chord (2D desktop) Hipfire 103FOV: ((2940.2224-2560) / 2560)*100 = 14.8524011% Scope 51FOV: ((2646.507707-2560) / 2560)*100 = 3.3792073% Convert to cm 2560p @ 640DPI = 2560/640 = 4 Inch or 10.16 cm For hipfire: 360°/103FOV (10.16cm - 14.85244011%) = 30.236477 cm to match chord (desktop) speed For Scope: 360°/51FOV (10.16cm - 3.3772073%) = 69.294159 cm to match chord (desktop) speed in % (69.294159 / 30.236477) * 100 = 229.1740502704% Step 3: Calculate sensitivity Scope sensitivity = Hipfire sensitivity * 229.1740502704% = 30.9253 cm * 229.1740502704% = 70.872762 cm And if you use the distance calculator and put in this value for Widow scope you get. Sensitivity: 7 Relative Aim Sensitivity While Scoped: 44 Which is the same as the Wizard posted earlier. But that doesn't mean it's correct for all other sensitivities.
  15. I see. Thx for the info wizard! But i still think that 741411cm is too fast for the widow scope. despite the calculation is correct