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  1. stereo3D

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    " Added gamepad ADS Sensitivity Options for both high zoom optics and regular weapons. " they added the word gamepad, but i don't see them in the gamepad options either, so it seems only the console versions got those changes.
  2. stereo3D

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    4:3 resolutions are vert+ and 5:4 resolutions have an AR of 4:3 normal FOV: 86 aim FOV 59, zoom FOV 26 for bow aim FOV 66, zoom FOV 47 for pistol aim FOV 66, zoom FOV 43 for assault rifle aim FOV 73, zoom FOV 51 for shotgun
  3. stereo3D

    Black ops 4 converted to Siege , Plz help

    just set it to 1.
  4. you either have to - use 0 % for normal in conversion setup as well, or - match the actual FOVs of both games, or - calculate aim sens in a separate step based on your BFV hip-fire sens.
  5. stereo3D

    Siege to CSGO

    sensitivity "2.401329" zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.818933"
  6. stereo3D

    Siege to CSGO

  7. USA = MDV so if your goal is MDH 0% (=MDV 0 %), then obviously it's more convenient to simply set USA to 0, instead of changing a dozen zoom sens sliders.
  8. stereo3D

    need help for bo4 to bfv

    fov? legacy or relative? if relative, what's your monitor distance coefficient?
  9. stereo3D

    Siege to Black Ops 4

    just set ADS to 360 distance in the conversion setup and convert to "all with ads". the ELO sight isn't in the calculator yet, so it will only be correct for reflex.
  10. stereo3D

    Battlefield V

    like i said, it shows you the FOV you would get on a 4:3 monitor. on a widescreen monitor it will be wider than that. if it still confuses you, then ignore the in-game slider - only the config matters. personally, i wouldn't use such a low FOV of 90 at 16:9. you're basically running around with blinders, while other players will see more and have better awareness.
  11. stereo3D

    Battlefield V

    in-game slider is based on 4:3.
  12. if you play csgo with zoom sens 1 at 16:9, then you should set everything to MDH 75 % in the conversion setup and convert from csgo - all to new game - all.
  13. stereo3D

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    lower zoom = less fov reduction, right? so you're saying it's too slow with an elo sight but ok with a sniper scope? what would you set the coefficient to, if you simply go by feel? what's your zoom sens with ashe?
  14. post your settings there. if there is a first person shooter you're good at, it might be better to use those settings instead of fortnite.
  15. stereo3D

    Battlefield V

    @DPI Wizardi noticed it says "max is 1" instead of 2.