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  1. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    oh ok, i see. anyway, i really hope the devs add more sliders or a uniform aiming coefficient. there are like 3 different iron sight fovs. the re 45 pistol iron sights have no zoom, so an ads sens above 1 will be faster than hip fire.
  2. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    why did you make config file fov a separate aim entry? wouldn't it be better if cl_fovscale was automatically calculated with location set to config file? after all there is no "field of view 90" in the config.
  3. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\profile\profile.cfg
  4. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    @Drimzi i also thought about calculating MDH 75 % and multiplying that with 0.89 to match csgo's behaviour, but i'm not sure if it's necessary or even all that useful to replicate something the user never experienced in the first place. we don't know if he would have ended up with 0.89 if the zoomFOV in csgo was ~77 instead of 40 and since the results for ADS and holo are slower than even MDH 0 % i'm not sure if doing it like this is such a good idea.
  5. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    setting everything to MDV 76.9488 % in the conversion setup, results in zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.890000" for csgo and mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_0 "1.046497" for apex legends.
  6. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    @DPI Wizardrestarting the game changes the sliders back to 1 decimal place, but in the config it still shows 2 decimal places, so it might actually support 6 decimal places through the config like tf2. also there is a profile.cfg with cl_fovScale. i'm wondering how accurate the fov slider is because 90 / 70 = 1.2857 but in the conifg it says cl_fovScale "1.28679"
  7. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

  8. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    ok, that's vertical fov though, so you need fov 90 in source engine.
  9. stereo3D

    Apex Legends

    check the fov value for GstRender.FieldOfViewVertical in the config and use that in the calculator.
  10. stereo3D

    The Darkness II

  11. stereo3D

    The Darkness II

    play a bit further and you get a pistol and test that please. you might also want to try flawless widescreen to see how that affects the ADS FOV.
  12. stereo3D

    The Darkness II

    please, add ADS sens too! i noticed that "controller aim assist" needs to be disabled or the camera movement will be interrupted during zoom transition.
  13. stereo3D

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    patch 1.12 added vert/hor ADS sens sliders for scopes with a zoom of "over 4x".
  14. stereo3D

    From Hipfire to ADS

    Counter-Strike: Source - Hipfire Sensitivity 1: sensitivity "3" Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - All Sensitivity 1: sensitivity "3" Multiplier 1: zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.818933" Destiny 2 - All Sensitivity 1: Look Sensitivity 10 Multiplier 1: ADS Sensitivity Modifier 0.8 Config FOV: Field of View 110 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - All w/ ADS Sensitivity 1: Mouse Sensitivity 12.98 Sensitivity 2: Monitor Distance Coefficient 0.00 Multiplier 1: ADS Horizontal Sensitivity Multiplier 1.00 Config FOV: Field of View 120, ADS FOV: relative Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - All w/ ADS Sensitivity 1: MouseYawSensitivity=1, MousePitchSensitivity=1 Sensitivity 2: AimDownSightsMouse=5 Multiplier 1: MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit=0.266696 Multiplier 2: XFactorAiming=0.287933 Config FOV: DefaultFOV=81.93
  15. stereo3D

    Battlefield V mouse sensitivity issue

    GAME INFO Battlefield V - All Config file: PROFSAVE_profile_synced Path: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Battlefield V\settings