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  1. Just tested again with: DPI=1600 / Windows Sens=3/11 / Resolution=1440x1080 -> CS GO (Raw imput=ON) / Hipfire New Calculator: 1.Montor distance: "0.904289" 2.360°: sensitivity "0.602860" Old Calculator: 1.Monitor distance: "0.775882" 2.360°: "0.710227" 3.Viewspeed1: "0.788864" 4.Viewspeed2: "0.723432" The Distance to move my mouse on the mousepad match with the Sensitivity of "0.710227" in CS GO.
  2. @DPI Wizard sorry you are right with the DPI, its late at night and I had a long trip. I will test it one more time tomorrow and report.
  3. @DPI Wizard sorry for the late reply, I was on hollidays... I dont know anymore what I exactly did, but I used: Windows Sensitivity 3/11 and 1800 DPI and I got: 0.628907 Sensitivity in CS GO. I checked by moving my mouse from the center to one point at the end of my monitor (which I marked when my crosshair was at the center) and I also made a screenshot before moving my mouse. Than I used this screenshot and tested the mouse distance on my mousepad on the Windows screen. And 0.628907 seems to be correct for me. There is no way the calculator is correct, or am I wrong? How I am getting the same sensitivity by calculating for 1800 or 1600 DPI ?
  4. Seems that the new Calculator ia not working as it should. I matched the correct sensitivity using the old version: https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/old/
  5. Hay guys, I need help ! I want to have the same sensitivity to play Browser Aim Training Game and in CS GO. I use 1800 DPI, 3/11 in Windows 7 (1920x1080) and CS GO raw imput ON (1280x720) I calculated but its a way too fast in CS GO. either WPS: 3 or 4 (3/11) What did I do wrong? Can someone help?
  6. thank you, I am bored playing with controller :)
  7. Yes sure. I use the Daybreak Lanucher , not the "Steam Version". The Config is located for me here: "D:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\DC Universe Online\UNREAL3\ENGINE\CONFIG" the Config FIle is: "BASEINPUT.INI" and there: "MouseSensitivity=60.0" [Engine.PlayerInput] MoveForwardSpeed=1200 MoveStrafeSpeed=1200 LookRightScale=300 LookUpScale=-250 MouseSensitivity=60.0 DoubleClickTime=0.250000 bEnableMouseSmoothing=true Hope you can manage it with this Information . But I dont know if its possible to change the Sensitivity true the config file. But you can change it by using the slider in-game and refresh the config file after that. (60.0 is set by default) Thank you @DPI Wizard !
  8. I trink you have to calculate to Windows sensitivity.
  9. Requesting: Will To Live Online ,its 15% off on Steam right now.
  10. Could you please do a Youtube tutorial, cant manage it Would help us a lot, this is a good way to test the acceleration right?
  11. Try it out. Take a game like CS GO, calculate your sensitivity for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. Than so a 360 turn on your mousepad and mesure the distance in both Games CS GO and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. If the distance is nearly the same, I would call it as "Yes"
  12. thx tried this Game out, its really fun.
  13. thank you very much to adding this one!
  14. bump, they changed the config on the last patch!
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