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  1. soZehh

    Call of Duty: WWII

    It is me or they removed one decimal? why the fuck?
  2. What I want to say is after a few deathmatchs, is that monitor 100 percent looks much more accurate that viewspeed, why?
  3. Probably I didn't explain my problem properly? here is the screenshot. https://ibb.co/mU3VVG My codWII sens with rifle (kar98 iron sight) is almost the same but a little bit faster. With monitor distance 100 percent it gives me a smaller value -> Sensitivity 1: Horz. ADS Sensitivity 0.469
  4. Any way to speak in chat? instead of posts?
  5. I don't undestand im sorry. How do I get this constant? I play with 63 cm/360. 800 dpi 0.825 sens 0.8 zoom sens. How can I get this one constant? edit: why zoom 2 instead of zoom1? Im much more instrested on first zoom of the awp...
  6. As per title, I don't understand the difference between the various monitor distance and viewspeed. As far as I read on the forum, you should use CM/360 FOR basic sens and monitordistance/viewspeed for scopesens. Actually I converted CSGO scope sens to CodwII sens using viewspeed v2 and it looks a bit faster than cs. Is that normal? SHould i use monitor distance? Also, whats the difference between using 50 percent m. distance and 100? shouldnt i use 100 percent everytime for maximum accuracy?