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  1. If your trying to match between games and using the same FOV.... 360 distance results in a perfect match to get your hipfire... If your looking to set your zooms individually then it comes down to personal preference. Viewspeed, 0%, 56%, 100%... test them out and see what you like.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Legacy is just 0%. I think.... Relative lets you decide what monitor distance your prefer to use.

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    the rival 310 has really great geometry. all the right angles, just the grips that it comes with are a silicone which get really bad once ur hands get any moisture

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    i upgraded my upgrade. The leather was actually pretty good but this tennis grip tape takes it to the next level.

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Just a note on the Zowie GSR. I used to hate this mousepad, the worst of the lot. When you feel the surface with your hand, it's very smooth right, especially in comparison to the steelseries for example which is coarse. The issue with the GSR is that it has a LOT of initial friction on your mouse feet, the glide is good but starting the glide is bad, small movements can feel difficult. Well the Zowie GSR has been my fav for some time now, the longest time. You gotta get your hands on some Mr Sheen, spray a little on a cloth and rub it in lightly. It makes any mousepad feel smoother, but it makes the GSR pretty much perfect. The initial friction is gone leaving a pad that is smooth for your hand to glide over and smooth for your mouse to glide over, also one of the few that doesn't seem to react badly with humidity.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Great speedy work. Thanks wiz

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Now it's #1. Replaced the crappy grips with some leather from old welding gloves. feels much better!

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I believe it replaced the g403 on his general list, its not his personal favourite. Its his 'i guess this is number 1 but i dont like it as much as others might'. He lists the fk2 as his personal fav. http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/find-a-mouse/

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I've tried to play with fingertip grip, i always end up trying to palm after a while. its the most comfortable grip realistically. I think most people including myself use a sort of hybrid claw/ palm grip. This is why i like the FK1+, you can hold it more naturally, something that you can't do with the FK1 or FK2, they are especially too narrow. For reference my hand is avg sized, about 19~ and 9.5 on the inside of my palm, i noticed RJN measures across his thumb as well, not sure why. Just to touch back on the FK series, the clicks are fine, certainly nothing to dissuade you from getting it. The sensor tracks perfectly fine, has never let me down.... I have 13 mice to choose from, if i thought the sensor or clicks were detrimental i would pick another without a doubt, but the FK is still on my mousepad. Sensitivity wise, i really like 40 - 50cm hip fire... although in games like COD i end up playing with something much lower like 30cm. I match the ADS sensitivity rather than the hipfire. More important IMO.
  10. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Have you tried the FK2?
  11. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I personally didn't like the G403 shape, it also has crappy glide on standard feet. It might be an all rounder but it's not close to the best I've handled. I personally found the EC2 -A to be a far superior shape to the G403. I also much preferred the FK series to the EC series. Personally, i like the FK 1+ the most, you can hold it more traditionally and it has really good sides for grip. The FK2 is way too small IMO, certainly a fingertip grip. Honestly the rival 310 needs a different material on the grips and its damn near perfect. When your hands are dry it grips amazingly well, but any moisture and it gets really slippery. If it had some 'comfort grooves' in the M1 + M2 buttons and a grippier material - #1 mouse easily IMO. For the record the Rival 600 material does the opposite, you get a better grip once your hand warms up, however it is not as well designed on the right side as the rival 310 and you need to grip it harder. If your a high sens player it might not matter, but for me i need to pick up the mouse a lot and i really appreciate good geometry like the FK series and the Rival 310. Right now id rate the FK1+ and the Rival 310 as the top two. It sways in favor to the FK simply because there's no issues with grip under any condition.
  12. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Picked up a Steelseries Rival 600. First impressions, it feels great, the design is very good. I've been using the Rival 310 as my main for some time now, and it's been a great mouse, my favorite out of EVERYONE i have tried. My only concern with the Rival 310 is the rubber sides, the rubber is soft and does not give a SOLID grip and can feel too slick. The Rival 600 has a much thinner, firmer feeling material which at this stage seems better, i will update in due time if my opinion changes. The scroll wheel also feels extremely good on the Rival 600, one of the best. All the buttons feel great and despite what others say, the left and right clicks are perfectly fine, much better in comparison to a Zowie EC or FK click. One of the main changes i notice is the mouse feet. They are noisy when gliding, you would think that means they have more resistance, but they don't. In fact one of the stand out features of the Rival 310 was how nicely it glides, this glides even better. I'll leave my thoughts here, let the honeymoon period settle and report back when I've found some issues? hopefully not.
  13. I understand your train of thought, at one stage i started making a formula that would specifically change the variable based on ACTUAL viewspace, derived from your distance from the monitor. Heres some screens from the calcs i was working with. In the end i decided to not follow that path as it becomes too theoretical.
  14. I think you would be surprised just how 'smart' your brain really is. Ask anyone who takes prescription glasses, what it's like when they first put them on, or when they changed to a new prescription from an old prescription. Some will tell you everything looks distorted and 'wrong', ask them in a few hours. everything will be normal. This happens because your eyes don't see, they just project information to your brain, your brain is what makes the image and allows you to 'see'. You might be aware of all the people who get a feeling of disconnect in reality after spending too much time in a VR headset, their brain has begun to 're wire' itself accordingly. An 18" and a 27" are both reasonably sized to be positioned an arms length away without any dramas, a 50" might give you issues because parts of the screen will simply be too far in to your outer peripheral view and a 2" is going to give you issues without putting a magnifying glass in-front of it. My point is, your brain is designed to work synergystically with your eyes and every other part of your body. Changing viewing distance by an inch will take you less than 5 seconds to adjust. I think sensitivity should be based on whats inside the little black box (monitor) and let your brain take care of your physical self, that's something it specialises in. Ultimately your trying to squeeze 120 degrees virtual FOV in to what is? 30-40? degrees of actual viewspace from your eye. Something that your brain adapted to a long time ago. (and something that gives 'non gamers' a headache just trying to watch). PS: heres something i found on google regarding the VR side effects https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/53287/i-feel-like-im-in-vr-when-im-not
  15. You also got to remember, this is a game, it's not real. FOV / distortion and lots of other factors will determine your best way to match zoom levels.. If you wanted to compare to reality, if you have ever shot a long rifle or anything with a scope... you will notice just how twitchy it is to aim through a 4x- 8x -12x scope. Games tend to slow down your sensitivity when looking down a scope, the opposite of real life. 1cm of movement at the barrel can result in 10m down range. This is why 0% match never felt right, and never will feel right. On that note no sensitivity match will ever feel perfect, it can't because it's not the same.