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  1. Don't overthink it, that might sound funny coming from me... But honestly your aim is affected by lots of things that are often GAME DEPENDENT. For example strafing speed plays a big role in assisting your aim, you will get used to countering your strafe as you aim, change the strafe speed and it will throw your aim off a little. Some games have hugely different strafe speeds. I like to set my hip fire sens by 360 (only very recently) because it gives me a PHYSICAL movement reference that stays consistent across every game. I could close my eyes and flick a 180, this can not be said when using ONLY visual data as a reference point. Something to consider. You can get used to a sensitivity relatively fast, a few hours and almost anything will start to feel familiar. However you wont get that 1:1 feeling, where you don't feel like your aiming, when you hit shots without trying, without STICKING TO ONE for a very long time. Pick one, stick with it. Your aim would thank you if it could.
  2. ^^^^ This.... I'm one of the worst offenders... I've tried just about every combination of sensitivities possible. I actually do something similar to what drimzi recommends, just less complicated. I keep the hipfire cm/360 the same between games, regardless if the FOV is the same or not (CSGO 106, PUBG 103 etc etc), i then match zooms with my chosen formula / co efficient. Doing this allows you to keep the muscle memory of flicking to hit a 180 etc etc and having the benefit of a constant cursor 'speed' when changing zooms.

    Mousepad friction

    I don't think metal feet would provide anything better than PTFE. Did you get some mr sheen like i suggested in pm? One spray, every day and your mousepad will feel like new. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/mr-sheen-original-surface-polish-400g-bust007631

    Mousepad friction

    Thickness or more specifically the density of the pad is something to consider, we talked more about it in this thread; page 5 talks about one of the softer pads and the issues they can bring more clearly to view.

    Battlefield V

    you have two different resolutions in the conversion

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    you need to consider the actual design of your mouse skates as well if your using a softer pad like the ARTISAN 'soft'. For example, larger skates will distribute pressure over a larger area, making the pad able to resist more downward force relative to how far the skates will 'dig' in. Some of the new mice come with skates that are really small and will do the exact opposite. Another factor with a really soft pad is the bottom of your mouse, if your skates are 1mm thick then you will understand as you play the bottom of the mouse will also rub on the pad more. If you have thicker skates, they will simply dig in more and create further resistance. Again, all this really depends if you can always play with a light hand. I cant, so it's not for me. A quick note on the GSR, the surface is really slick, it allows your hand to glide over the pad just as well as the mouse. A PLUS in my books. I hated the GSR originally (the very high static friction) however i started using my favorite 'cleaner' on it. Mr Sheen, it contains all kinds of chemicals that make things shiny and repel dust! You just spray a LITTLE on a microfiber cloth and wipe it over. You will instantly see it feels completely different, i actually use this on all my pads.

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I ended up putting it to bed. I really tried to like it, it wasn't for me unfortunately. it just felt too narrow for my liking and ultimately uncomfortable and unstable in comparison to the rival 310, which provides a really firm grip. The GPW skates could be better designed, they seemed to dig in more in comparison to the Rival 310 (on a softer pad 'ARTISAN ZERO 'soft'). I also found myself double clicking a lot, again it could be because the switches are more sensitive than what i'm used to.... I'm using the G pro HERO since the above post. I really like it to be honest. I'm using a different grip with it (compared to the rival 310), more of a claw grip, similar to how i held the G pro wireless, however the G pro HERO feels more comfortable to me, glides better and the clicks aren't as sensitive. At its widest point it's EXACTLY the same width as the Zowie FK1+. It's really just a low, wider mouse, i like it. It's not as tiny as some reviewers make it out to be. For comparison the FK2 feels TINY in comparison when you actually hold it. As for a quick update on the ARTISAN ZERO 'soft'... Honestly the quality of this pad is head and shoulders above any other brand. FACT. I personally prefer a firmer pad, it's too soft for me. It really highlighted to me how much i push down on the mouse in some situations, really negatively affecting my tracking. I think if i could try out the 'mid' or firmer version, this pad could be my favorite. If you glide your mouse over the surface lightly, then repeat the process pushing down slightly... The QCK has a really minimal difference. (QCK+ less than the QCK heavy as it digs in less proportional to the thickness of the foam, cloth surface is exactly the same). If you perform that test on the ARTISAN ZERO 'soft' you'll find your mouse just about sinks in and gets stuck. Obviously if your able to always apply minimal pressure to your mouse, it wont affect you.

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    G pro wireless is retired, update to follow why i didn't like it. Artisan Zero 'soft' still comparing... If you push down on the mouse at all, it's not for you.... Digs in like hard tires on a beach. So currently my undisputed favorite mouse remains the Steel Series Rival 310..... However.... Got a G pro gaming mouse 'HERO' (Hero sensor, new latest skates, new cable and clicks), what a surprise. It's not what i thought, it feels VERY GOOD. Update to follow.

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Its definitely the softest pad i have ever used. I was recommended to try the soft because it is better at stopping the mouse, honestly if i was to order another one... (which i might) id order the mid.
  10. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I have the LED turned off, no issues. Using the normal LGS, fancy enough for me! Picked up a new mouse pad 'Artisan Ninja ZERO FX' in XL. So far it feels pretty good, the texture feels nothing like the Steel Series pads as some people say. It's much rougher to the touch with a slightly faster glide IMO. The quality is very high, super smooth with big swipes (no bumps or wrinkles like some pads i've tested... (Razer gigantus, logitech G640). It sits super flat right out of the box and the backing sticks to my desk like glue! The padding on my 'soft' version (can choose from; very soft, soft, med) feels really good, a great balance! The stitched sides are really the best Ive seen. The stitching is lower than the surface so your left with a nice rounded edge without having stitching create a lump around the pad. Very nice attention to detail. I'm going to use this pad now and stop talking about it, lets see how i like it in a week or so. Here is a look at the side so you can see how the surface is higher than the stitching
  11. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    very interesting, i'll keep my eyes open for that one. In reality though i think you can get used to any mouse within reason. At one stage i was cycling through like 5 mice because i couldn't decide which one... Hence why i now have 14 recent mice.... I'm going to give this mouse a good try, it's light enough, great sensor, wireless and great buttons / scroll wheel. Really until they start including an aimbot in the software i don't think i can improve anything by changing my mouse anymore.
  12. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    It's interesting that you liked the G5, I remember before i went crazy buying mice.... I had a Razer Diamondback then a Logitech G5 and then G9, from memory i really liked the G9, in fact the next mouse i bought was a G900... the G9 came with two shells and i really can't remember how big or small it was, i just never had any issues. I actually remember the G900 feeling very odd as the front buttons are quite high. I've actually raised my sensitivity when using the Logitech GPW (41cm to ~ 30cm), the rival 310 was much more suited to lower sens IMO, felt more stable in the hand. The GPW gives much more room for finger adjustment and i don't feel like i need a slower sens to get that extra accuracy. I guess i'm using finger adjustment much more than the rival where i was primarily relying on arm / wrist. I would give the GPW i good go, try it for a month, i think your just used to more support under the hand, i'm half used to this feeling from using the FK series which is very similar. As for the Rival 310, it def needs the grips changing, they suck when your hands warm up. The racquet grip tape costs like 10 bucks... that's for 3 rolls, i only used half a roll, very cheap mod. Just head down to your local sports store they will have a few options to choose from. The Rival needs thicker tape to fill the cavity once you pull the old silicone grips out, the logitech needs thin tape as there's no where specific for it to go. Maybe i need to send logitech an email, my buttons do touch if i push them together but it's not something that i can see happening in game. My batch is #1826
  13. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I have had no experience with gun tape, although I've been told by someone that it doesn't work very well. I used tennis racquet tape on my rival 310 (page 3) and it worked a charm there as well, that was a thicker tape (to fill the cavity on the sides), this stuff on the GPW is only 0.5mm thick. It really feels great, the texture and grip you get from it is second to none. I don't really need it on the buttons but i figured why not. The thicker tape came with it's own adhesive, the thinner tape is held on with double sided tape. My hand is around 19 x 11 measuring like rocket jump ninja shows on his channel. Honestly i used to really like the Zowie FK 1+ because of the grip it gave you, mechanical grip, it too was slippery until you warmed up... The fk2 and fk1 both caused my hand to ache a little, they are too narrow. When i found the Rival 310 i quickly realized how uncomfortable the zowie FK series was for me in general... The Rival 310 is still the best shape i have tested over a longer period of time IMO, with the side grips replaced it really is an amazing mouse. The logitech GPW reminds me of the FK series, it gave me cramping in my hand again and ultimately feels smaller than what i got used to, however adding the grip tape seems to have relieved some of my issues. Maybe due to the lack of grip i was squeezing it too hard? My pinkie often feels like it has no where to sit on the FK and often i find it floating when using the GPW as well. As for grip, it really depends on the mouse, i could use a more relaxed grip on the rival as it fills your hand a little more, there's more margin for error, you can palm grip it if needed without issues. I find i need to hold the FK / GPW more carefully otherwise i feel like my fingers rub on the pad too much. Ultimately i would say i use a claw hybrid grip leaning more to palm on the rival and more towards fingertip with the FK / GPW. Which do i play better with? I'm going to give myself some time to adjust back to the lower profile of the GPW and report back. So far i do like the GPW , it's a great mouse. I personally did not like the G403 shape, i have the wireless and wired version... i wanted to like it, but i couldn't. Shape felt odd to me, clicks too light and the feet had crap glide (which you fixed). PS: i have 14 mice now, i know how you feel! Attached a pic of my grip (with the rival 310)
  14. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I actually found the G pro wireless very slippery as well... In fact my hand was cramping up like it did with the FK series from zowie.. I did find a fix though... 0.5mm racquet tape and double sided tape, stuff is meant to be super grippy and sweat resistant. It now feels amazing, honestly.
  15. DNAMTE

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    Got the Logitech G PRO Wireless to try out. Thoughts so far after a few days, good shape and size (feels a little small but i'm used to the rival 310 shape right now). The feet seem very similar to the Steel Series Rival 600, they are very loud and have little initial friction, decent glide. For comparison the Rival 310 has a much smoother, almost silent glide, but more initial friction. Overall I feel the feet on this are better. In my experience, as with mouse pads.... The more consistent you can make 'glide' feel, the better... If you need to lower the overall 'slickness' of the glide to obtain less starting friction I'm all for it. It's like i explained with mouse pads, i feel manufactures could really spend time to look in to improving them, the slickest, smoothest surface does not necessarily give the smoothest, most consistent glide. The buttons, scroll wheel and clicks, overall quality as usual from Logitech, feel great. This is also the lightest mouse i own, coupled with wireless... feels amazing. Overall i'm really liking this mouse, i don't see any real negatives at this point, Great job Logitech! PS: The side buttons are in a better location for me as well, my thumb sits right in between the buttons how i hold this mouse. The steel series 310 felt like the buttons are slightly too far forward for where i grip it (Steel series 600 was actually perfect). Also as an update on the Rival 600, i had to return it as the Lift of distance was changing randomly, to the point i would lose tracking during a game. Also the shape was not perfect, i did not have a great solid hold with the mouse, mainly because of the right side and the lack of geometry.