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  1. Only a sith deals in absolutes.... Nah but for real listen to this man. Tis the truth.
  2. jabbothehut

    Game requests

    could you please do mercenaries 2: world in flames?
  3. jabbothehut

    Game requests

    OOOh could you add payday: the heist in pls?
  4. jabbothehut

    Game requests

    OOOF. Ok well thanks so much for trying anyway. Shame because that game has some awesomly fun mechanics to it.
  5. jabbothehut

    Game requests

    darn. would have expected that from a R* game tbh
  6. jabbothehut

    Game requests

    @DPI Wizard could you add max payne 3 please!
  7. jabbothehut

    Converting sens 1920x1080 to 1280x720

    both are 16:9 aspect ratios so sensitivity will remain the same
  8. jabbothehut

    Have problem sticking to one sensitivity

    I 100% understand. Learn the transition and your brain will be able to relearn flicks relatively quickly. I've used senses from 10-35 inches for a 360 and flick accuracy remains consistent when you adapt to a new sens. Paying attention and mastering game movement is the way to improve at a specific game.
  9. jabbothehut

    Have problem sticking to one sensitivity

    I had that same problem in siege with changing fovs. Stick with 0% and learn to position your xhair whilst transitioning between hipfire and ads. It's very game dependent so you'll have to learn it depending on the game. 0% is 100% the way to go as it is based on zoom and not an arbritrary distance. After a month of learning siege's transition time it is very clear that this is the main obstacle. Aim at it's core is movement to a target. The transition phase is just an extra step!
  10. jabbothehut

    Have problem sticking to one sensitivity

    Ok so what I found was that sticking to a sens allows your hands to learn movements necessary for microadjustments and general movemwnts on the fly. Once your brain understands these movements you can swap between sensitivities relatively well. This is why you see top players constantly swap their fovs, sens, aspect ratios etc. Their brain understands the basic movements required to get the cursor from a to b. Stick to one and learn the movements!
  11. jabbothehut

    Have problem sticking to one sensitivity

    I was in that situration for 3 years my man. It's because I expected progress to be instant and didn't have patience. I finally stopped, stuck to a sens that felt good and controllable and after a month my aim has improved so much compared to the last 3 years. Your brain will adapt over time trust me! Just discipline yourself and don't compulsively change just because you aren't aiming like screaM in one day!
  12. jabbothehut

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    Am I tripping or is there a noticeable amount of input lag in this game?
  13. Just throwing ideas out there man. If people can disprove them then that's all I need. You don't progress without trying to challenge a theory. As I said if someone proves me wrong and explains it logically and well then I'm happy.
  14. Fantastic post! Thank you so much for your detailed answer! Top man!
  15. @DPI Wizard what do you make of this?