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  1. i need help with this i have fov scaling enabled, currently usings viewspeed v2 and it just doesnt feel the same
  2. Bf1 To Battalion 1944

    what about battalion to black squad how about that
  3. does ironsight have a slower ads like with red dots and stuff
  4. ViewSpeed Question

    @DPI Wizard
  5. ViewSpeed Question

    This Question is for Bf1 1.00x to 1.25 zoom should i use viewspeed 1 or 2 i need it so be exact 1-1 or feel like that . also for other games with a different fov should i use viewspeed or 360 dis
  6. Game requests

    Wolfenstein 2 maybe
  7. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    hehe. I also got to the same conclusion. That If I want to keep playing both modes using the same sens in both modes, I need to keep FoV at 80 in 1st p mode. Without having to have 2 config files, or change it every time I switch mode...
  8. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Ok I see, thanks.
  9. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I have a hard time understanding and using this calculator. Could anyone help me get the right values for 1st person mode??? For 3rd/1st person mode the default 50 works fine for me. Dpi: 400 In BF4/1 I use: FoV 90 Ingame sensitivity 10% Uniform soldier aiming: ON 100 FoV in PUBG
  10. Battlefield 1

    nice thanks
  11. Game requests

    bf1 please.i notice sensitivity its little different than on bf4
  12. Game requests

    bf1 please.i notice sensitivity its little different than on bf4
  13. im using a acer xb270hu monitor at native resolution,what fov type should i choose for games like csgo, bf4?
  14. Doom (2016)