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  1. Why i feel in third person mode much more "responsive" the sensitvity? I better in third person mode. Lots of situations solve in tps what in fps i'm not. Much more kills in tps. I don't know what happening. But i experienced also in PUBG game. Lower FOV = Much kills. Maybe the lower fov you earlier reach the distance what you want with less movement = you faster.
  2. That's what i talking about, the fov is does not affect on the senstivity in FPP. DPI wizard can you convert my sensitivity from CS:GO to ring of elysium in FPP. My CS:GO sens is: 3.05, 400 dpi, 16:9. ROE: I need 70 fov in fpp. The calculator shows me General and Vehicle sensivitiy : 59, from the fov range 55 between 70. Is this possible same 59 sensitivity on different FOVS?
  3. Yes i selected first person. Same sensitivity 55-70 fov?
  4. Is this working? When i changing the fov, the sens is not changing.
  5. Can you update the calculator? Now can change the fov.
  6. Just an interesting thing: From 0:25 to 0:54 https://youtu.be/7JdTK3UWuA8?t=25
  7. When comes the new version of the calculator?
  8. I tried, unchecked "Override Sensitivity For All Sclopes" and scoping sens is 50, feels much better.
  9. And where is my answer? The begginer who visit this site and choosing simple mode, and he plays FPP, and the calculation only TPP, he is miscalculating the sens. Why not add fpp function?
  10. We are paid for this information,site and no answer. This is the most disgusting thing.
  11. Can you add FPP conversation in simple mode ? Just only TPP.
  12. After today update i can't find the 8X scope conversion in the menu, just 2,4,15. And which conversion type need for the scopes? monitor distance, viewspeed 1 or 2 ?
  13. Hipfire (FPP) and Targeting(FPP) calculation why different in simple mode? The fov same.
  14. The game is using Lastconvertedsensitivity every time, so if i change the "normal sensitivity" in the config file, nothing happened. The normal sensitivity is only in game make a change. Anyone recognized this problem?
  15. Ye ty. I don't know how it changed, my bad.
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