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  1. As for testing i dont know of any program to use or how to show what my actual in game 360 is... but the picture below is what i put in and instead of a 15inch look 360 it is at around 9-10 inches in game( tape measure)... I it such a difference that i can tell right off the bat... is there something i can use to provide more extac readings for you? I am testing this in the clan dojo area of the game but even in the open world it is still very fast Hopefully its just something i entered in wrong? i have no idea
  2. I have no idea why but almost every update Warframes 360* calculation changes. Matching everything in the calculator, the in game rotation is off. I don't know if this is a bug or just the games weird FOV making the 360* rotation different. Please any help would be appreciated 🙂
  3. I'm with you my man! Soo many of us lower Sens players have to use our in game sens as a constant and change DPI and FOV. I cant believe they dont acknowledge this at all
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