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  1. d4MiS

    Battlefield V

    Sensitivity for Vehicule will be add in calculator ? @DPI Wizard or it's not possible actually ?
  2. d4MiS

    Game requests

    Slider 0 to 100
  3. d4MiS

    Game requests

    Hello @DPI Wizard, they add new mouse control in game with a new patch. Saw this today, can you add Monster Hunter after this patch, please ?
  4. d4MiS

    Battlefield V

    The sensitivity is the same of BF 1 ? @DPI Wizard
  5. d4MiS

    Game requests

    Oh, all people have a key, DICE hate me lol... HF guys . I hope the calculations feel more a BF4/BF3 calculation.
  6. d4MiS

    Sea of Thieves

    ok thanks. I tried it but we need to change DPI on ADS? Blunderbuss is ok but eye of reach and fintlock seems to low and we need to up DPI.
  7. d4MiS

    Sea of Thieves

    thank you , it's really appreciate
  8. d4MiS

    Sea of Thieves

    +1 , in the game we can chose 3 ads settings
  9. d4MiS

    Game requests

    Perhaps those settings can help to disable mouse acceleration?
  10. d4MiS

    Darwin Project

    Thank you, @DPI Wizard I'ts very appreciate
  11. d4MiS

    Game requests

    Hello, can you add Darwin Project, please? Open beta during this weekend.
  12. d4MiS

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Hi, i'm trying to convert my Cs go sense to pubg. If i use FOV 80 to have same sense in first person and third person (PUBG) . I need to use monitor distance, Match at 75% right ? My sense in cs go is 1.5 , 800 DPI , resolution 2560*1440 , FOV default (90 ?) . Normal/Targetting = Mouse Sensitivity=36.257845 Scoping = MouseSensitivity=35.905021 Scope 2x = MouseSensitivity=35.207765 Scope 4x = MouseSensitivity=34.828863 Scope 8x = MouseSensitivity=34.761792 Scope 15x = MouseSensitivity=34.743149 I'm not sure if i'm done it good. Thank's.
  13. d4MiS

    Cs go to PUBG

    Hi all, I'm trying to find my sens in PUBG after the Patch ( 20/09) . When i change it in the config file (GameUserSettings.ini) , my sens is bad. Before patch it was good, but now i can't change it. I"ll decide to use the calculator with that option : PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ( In Game ) . Can you say me if my configuration it's ok? ps : sorry for my english, i'm french. Thank you.