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  1. Not sure about if dice recently updated these new settings, but I would appreciate if you can check them out.
  2. Quake Champions has updated zoom fov in PTS.
  3. Since it's been said that Hero sensor is about 25 dpi faster than PMW3360 in every 400 dpi step. I'm really looking forward to verifying the rumor.
  4. https://www.blurbusters.com/human-reflex-input-lag-and-the-limits-of-human-reaction-time/ I found this article rather enlightening, but probably off topic though ;D
  5. So if I use the result of 75% MM at 103FoV from the current calculator, the result I get is off right?
  6. So basically my 30cm/360 turn rate. When I used 75% MM to match the look sens and aim sens, it would take 60.8cm to turn 360... However I tested in game, it is obviously higher than I expected.
  7. May you check the aim sens again? Since I noted it is now definitely wrong somehow ...
  8. 我和Josh(aka potato psoas)一个观点,我两个月前完全抛弃了viewspeed专心75% MM了,原因就是CSGO BF QUAKE都是默认在16:9时75% MM(4:3时 100% MM)。0% MM我觉得很好,但是会让你开镜灵敏度太慢...
  9. 我也看到过他们的说法,但实际上viewspeed究竟是多少MM很大程度上决定于输入和输出的游戏的FOV差距。我说的69.5/71%是用viewspeed v1/v2从2d(windows桌面,osu)转换到90HOR+ FOV的游戏(CS:GO,QUAKE LIVE)时的MM(误差0.1%左右)。总的来说还是在75% MM左右浮动。愚见,我还要继续啃一啃drimzi的工作。
  10. v1是69.5%,v2是71%,MM主流是75%就是根据4:3 aspect ratio算的(手动AC娘点赞)
  11. 对的,v2大概是71% MM,其实因为CSGO开镜默认是75% MM,这个75% MM就是现在算法的始祖
  12. 用一个合适的腰射灵敏度去v2匹配其他所有游戏的zoom灵敏度就行 -- 保留输入的1.3*800,选择要转换的游戏,就像Drimzi说的 顺便CSGO里,用v2无法统一AWP的1x的zoom sens和2x的zoom sens... 最佳选择还是75% MM(个人浅见)
  13. When I play Battlefield, as a representative of fast moving / low TTK / FOV adjustable game, it is hard to kill enemies pass me with such sens higher than 37cm/360, which I find out to be the least sens to flick-shot accurately in CS:GO. Therefore, for some personal preference, I use 1.56*400(about 67cm/360) in CS:GO, and 30cm/360 in every other game.
  14. I have been looking forward to the test of zowie mice.
  15. Config file location: \AppData\Local\Saber Interactive\Quake Champions\client\config Looking forward to ur update
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