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  1. espe89

    BEST Mouse/Pad COMBO!

    I'm doing better aswell with fastest pad, I've used a fuckton of hardware and stuff.. At the end, and for me, medium high sens (40cm/360) + hard mouse pad = best results in term of aiming.
  2. Hello everyone, Yesterday I was doing some test with 0% MM and 100%MM. (converting windows to csgo) I finally choose to stay with 0% MM. I was wondering how wide the the circle of matching points is big. I mean, with 0% MM, the cursor is matching with points inside the circle and start to deviate outside of the circle, but how big is the circle ?
  3. espe89

    Is calculator fucked up right now ?

    Ok I did some test and its ok now, the fov is blocked on 90 so 2sens on 4/3 is 2sens on 16/9.. The only reason to change the sens is if we change the fov but we cant on csgo.
  4. espe89

    Is calculator fucked up right now ?

    so do we need to put something on fov for csgo or just let it fill with 90 ? If I want to convert from 4/3 to 16/9, I have to set 90 FOV for 4/3 and 106 for 16/9 ?
  5. 360° conversion going crazy or what ?
  6. espe89

    CSGO Fov Sens

    edit because I said bullshit try 2 sens on 1024 if you want to have the same feeling
  7. If you think this way then every mouse is different. Thicker skates will give another deviation....
  8. Pretty much Fk2=ec2 303=g903 Same sensor
  9. its not bad, just constant dpi deviation hehe
  10. Waiting for your G PRO WIRELESS tests, hope you can confirm what I said, maybe its only mine tho
  11. Yes the last one from logitech 85grams with hero sensor wireless
  12. Hello, My G403 wireless is exact on DPI but ... My G PRO Wireless is really bad, 425dpi for the 400dpi step.. pretty much everytime +5 - 6% deviation
  13. espe89

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    what I meant, the fov is changing when you are on closed spots, the camera tends to zoom in, and when you are in open area the camera is going away, I think this is the problem
  14. espe89

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    nop I dont even know how to change it ^^ 🤣
  15. espe89

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I think there is a problem with the adjusting fov, when my fov is low, your convert seems to be ok, when the fov is going up the 270° thing happens