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  1. espe89

    Fortnite config file gone

    not working
  2. I tried what you said... In conclusion I cant use the 0% to games... I cant get used to the different cm/360 in different games... I keep over rotating or under rotating when I switch games.. I'm staying with 360 conversion from csgo to other games, no matter what fov it uses... I try to keep the same FOV over the games I play anyway
  3. hu ? so you are telling me you have different cm/360 on every game ? how can you build muscle memory then ?
  4. Hello, After all this time on this forum, It seems no one can pretend having the best method to convert. So I'm asking the community, how do you convert your sensitivity ? 1st of all I'm trying to match WINDOWS DESKTOP to csgo which give me 1.88 sens @ 400dpi on 2560*x1440 with monitor match @ 100% Then I convert all my games from CSGO 1.88 @ 400dpi with 360° distance I try to keep always the same FOV, 16/9 and 2560x1440 through the games I play. You ?
  5. I set all my games 16/9 and using 100% from windows to csgo, then csgo to all other games
  6. espe89

    Perceived sensitivity

    always felt 100% MM is the best
  7. I used probably the widest sensitivity range you could imagine top fragging with 30cm/360, top fragging with 115cm/360 and then.... I started asking myself, what sensitivity is the best ? I'm since lost in the nether, changing sensitivity after one missed kill, changing sensitivity after 1 day because why not ... etc. If you look at CSGO pro scene, the top players are using in average 2.2 @ 400dpi... I think this is the sweet spot, because you can aim pretty good, good movements and turn easy 180. You are not the best on 1 thing, but you can do pretty much everything. This is exactly what I want because I really enjoy switching games
  8. espe89

    Perceived sensitivity

    Sorry but for ignorant people like me which method is the "best" today to convert WINDOWS into CSGO ?
  9. why 360 match is garbage ? If I use 2.17 sens csgo ( 42cm/360) and convert it to fortnite using viewspeed v2 .. I have 65cm/360... seems wrong to be honest.
  10. espe89

    400DPI WPS 6/11 VS 1600DPI WPS 3/11

    nobody can answer ? :'(
  11. Hello, Is 400DPI WPS 6/11 better than 1600DPI WPS 3/11 ? In other words : Is 2 sensitivity 400dpi better than 0.5 sensitivity 1600dpi Using Logitech G900 wireless at 1000hz Windows and games on 2560x1440 165Hz Thank you
  12. On CSGO 16/9 res from windows 75% means you reach 1:1 at 75% from the center to the edge right ? Or should I use the 56.25% ? I heard 75% is for 4/3 edit : 75% give me 2.13 sens, viewspeed v2 give me 2.17 and 56.25% give me 2.3.. I've set it to 2.2, should be "ok"
  13. Yes but I want to be the more consistent I can with my sensitivity, I like to have the same feeling and flickshots in all my games I was a longtime low sensitivity player 80cm+/360 but it's exhausting in the long run and when I watch my demo I'm moving like a bot, I can deal with it on csgo because my crosshair placement is okay after more than 15 years playing counter strike, but when playing paladins (overwatch like) or h1z1/pubg.. another story because you cant predict where the ennemy will be and you have to react faster (imo). What are the best settings to convert windows to csgo ? I'm playing all my game 16/9 on 2560x1440 resolution This is currently what I'm using and maybe they are not the optimal settings : Windows/Desktop - 2560x1440 - 27 inch - WPS6 - DPI 400 - Config File Convert : Monitor distance Counter Strike Global Offensive - Aim : Hipfire - Match at 100% - DPI 400 - Raw Input : On - 2560x1440 -Hdeg 4:3 - Config File Thanks
  14. Dunno why you state that 0% is too slow when 0% is in fact the fastest and 100% the slowest, I'm using 100% which is the exact distance to reach the edge of my screen When using 0% convert from windows on csgo the sensitivity is around 2.7, when using 100% it s 1.88. I agree about the 0% to be more precise for small flicks and 100% for long flickshots. At this time I feel more consistent using 100% to convert windows to csgo, then using csgo 360 to other games. The only one question I'm still asking myself is should I lower or raise my sensitivity, the eternal question for me because it seems I can adapt from 30cm/360 to 105cm/360.. I'm playing 55cm/360 now and seems to be a correct compromise to do everything
  15. so 56.25 is the new thing to use ? I keep changing sensitivity on a daily basis, so I can switch again to another one lol I'm playing 2560x1440 btw