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  1. AFAIK the only sensitivity scale option that KovaaK intended to be affected by the FOV is the UE4 option. Paladins should be as well but he's aware that he never added the FOV multiplier for that and is likely to remove the Paladins option altogether. Quake/Source & Apex is intended to be 0.022 yaw regardless of FOV.
  2. Drimzi


    You need to do 0% MDV using native values.
  3. It's not a bug. One result is relative to OW hipfire, and one is relative to Windows. If your OW had more precision to better match Windows, then you would get 37.89 and 51.47.
  4. You would need to have your field of view set to ~109 to fit Shroud's 104 fov into the 24.5" portion of your monitor (assuming he has a typical 24.5" 240hz monitor).
  5. You would have to match his 360 distance and focal length to experience what he is experiencing. Example of a large and small monitor with the same focal length. Small monitor has 90 fov, large monitor has 127 fov.
  6. Set the fov to 70 * 1.46161 as that is the fov that the game is running at. The ingame value is irrelevant. Holo = All 1x scopes, and ironsights for pistols (not RE-45), smgs and shotguns. ADS = ironsights for lmg, ar, snipers 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x is not in the calculator, and 6x and 10x is the kraber.
  7. I use a windows pointer speed factor of 1/8. There is nothing wrong with WPS values below the default. If anything, you benefit from the more granular angular increment per count for long range engagements. You also get more granular CPI. If your mouse supports CPI steps of 50, then '4/11' will effectively change that to steps of 25, allowing you to fine-tune to preference. https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Mouse_Settings#Windows_Sensitivity
  8. Apex Legends measures the horizontal 4:3 field of view degrees. Battlefield's 74 fov is the field of view measured vertically. Set the FOV Type to Vdeg so you can input the vertical degrees. Type in 74, and then change the FOV Type to 4:3 to automatically convert your vertical measurement to 4:3 horizontal measurement. Usually that is all you need to do. The result (90.2709) is what you need to use in the game as that is what you converted the sensitivity for. For Apex however, you will need to get the cl_fovScale value, as the ingame value is inaccurate. Set the Apex Aim mode to Config file FOV, and then do the same steps as above. Change it to Vdeg so you can input 74 degrees, and then change the type to Multiplier to automatically convert your vertical measurement to cl_fovScale. I would recommend noting down the different measurements for that field of view that you use. Vertical = 74 Horizontal 4:3 = 90.2709 Horizontal 16:9 = 106.52 cl_fovScale = 1.289584
  9. The accuracy of the calculator relies on the competency of the user.
  10. Apex measures the fov using the 4:3 measurement. It locks the vertical measurement. If you monitor is wider than 4:3, you will see additional horizontal fov. CSGO is the same as Apex. The Hdeg 16:9 measured value is what you will use in other games that use 16:9 measurements, such as PUBG or Black Ops 4.
  11. By moving my mouse more or less... 0%, doesn't matter what direction it is.
  12. From what I can tell, Holo (60/70 fov multiplier): SMG Shotgun Pistols (not RE-45) 1x Holo (not sure about 1x digital threat and hcog) ADS (55/70 fov multiplier): AR LMG Sniper 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x aren't in the calculator. They seem to be true magnifications (relative to the base 70 fov) like the 6x and 10x Kraber.
  13. CSGO scales the yaw by fov/90 * zoom_sensitivity_ratio. If you change the fov, then the yaw is no longer 0.022. You will need a different sensitivity multiplier to rotate the same amount. 110/90 * 0.022 = 0.0268888... With 1 sensitivity, you will rotate 0.0268888... degrees per mouse count instead of 0.022. At 110 FOV and 2.7 sensitivity multiplier, you will be rotating 2.7 * 0.0268888... = 0.0726 degrees per count. At 90 FOV and 2.7 sensitivity multiplier, you will be rotating 2.7 * 0.022 = 0.0594 degrees per count. 90 FOV needs to be at 3.3 sensitivity. 3.3 * 0.022 = 0.0726 Apex Legends also has 0.022 yaw but does not scale the yaw at all for hipfire. It is always 0.022 no matter what fov you have. It only scales the yaw for aim down sights. It scales the yaw by the actual magnification, not by the change in fov degrees measured at the 4:3 boundaries like CSGO. Since they scale completely different, you can only use the ADS sensitivity multiplier to be correct for one scope. Matching the 360 distance doesn't preserve the sensitivity. It preserves the rotation distance. If you want to preserve the sensitivity, use 0% MDV, which is the same scaling that Apex Legends uses for its scopes. Distance does not equal Sensitivity.
  14. (360 * sin(fov * pi/360))/(pi * pixels) = degrees turned per count 360/(dpi * (360 * sin(fov * pi/360))/(pi * pixels)) = circumference (360 * sin(fov * pi/360))/(pi * yaw * pixels) = sensitivity value For 0% MDV, just replace sin with tan.
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