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  1. windows to smite?

    im tryin to match my windows sens to smite but theres no real conversion. currently for mobas im using 1750 dpi 6 windows sens
  2. new mouse new weight

    P = m . V? And I figured it's prolly easier
  3. new mouse new weight

    my old mouse was 5.9 ounces and my new mouse is 6.9 i used to use 2400 dpi but it doesn't feel the same.. how much do i need to raise the dpi to make it feel the same?
  4. mouse accel question

    so the sensitivity measurer doesn't seem all that affected by mouse accel. so my question is. if i have mouse accel on and 3500 dpi whats the lowest dpi i get from moving slowly and the highest possible i can get when i flick across my desk top? i can't place my finger on it
  5. windows sensitivity does not affect lol sensitivity. when you change you lol sensitivity it in turn changes your windows sens. so no matter what your windows sens is league of legends sens slider will change it
  6. weirdo problem with converting sens

    or, you know.. you could buy premium and do it yourself.
  7. Hard pad to soft pad?

    did the math and its all basically the same
  8. Hard pad to soft pad?

  9. Hard pad to soft pad?

    Thanks! Will do! Any updates on LoL being added?
  10. Hard pad to soft pad?

    I did a test with 800 dpi on my mouse. On the hard pad it seems faster than the soft pad.. I only used 800 DPI for the test but what I use is considerably higher. So when 800dpi felt faster I was curious. Is there a way to tell what 800 DPI on a hard pad converts to on a soft pad? It's gotta be higher, right?
  11. overwatch to windows help

    That would be amazing. Thank you
  12. im trying to figure out how to get the exact dpi with my overwatch sensitivty. because i need to convert it to league of legends. so say 400 dpi 6.93 in game equals what exact dpi? and how can i go about finding that out on my own? and how would i figure out the league of legends bit?
  13. Game requests

    Hey man I'm going to have to lower my sens due to my wrists being buggered. If you could give me the conversion of 6.93 400 DPI in overwatch to league I would greatly appreciate it. Won't have any more questions after that.
  14. Game requests

    my bad i had a number wrong. thank you for all your help
  15. Game requests

    so i tried windows sens 3 3700 dpi 50 league and it does not feel the same as overwatch is feels rather fast