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    oh dang. i was trying to convert my sens back i cant remember my scoped b4 the decimal thing. it was 15 in game 500 dpi and 44 scoped converted to 700 dpi 13 in game.. can you tell me what the scoped used to be b4 the new scope change?
  3. SladeNova


    you messed up the zoom sens there is no 35.00 its just two numbers plz fix
  4. SladeNova

    G pro to m65

    doesnt work. no matter what distance i put in it says its out of range
  5. SladeNova

    G pro to m65

    I used to use a logitch g pro mouse that weighed 83 grams but now i use the m65 that weighs 135.5 grams. They have the same sensor but i was wondering if you could help make my overwatch sensitivity feel the same i used to use 1600 dpi 2.22 and 3.1 but now with my new mouse it feels slower than it used to
  6. SladeNova

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    You rock!
  7. SladeNova

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Awesome! I love this game
  8. SladeNova

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    it really needs the snipers added aka the scope sens setting
  9. the calculator doesnt seem to have an option for sniper sens only rifles and pistols
  10. SladeNova

    New mousepad sens feels off

    So my cm per 360 is not different now that i have a larger mouse pad? My 360 was one side of my mouse pad to the other. I want my 360 the same way it is currently on my new mousepad because now i do more than a 360
  11. SladeNova

    New mousepad sens feels off

    See that's where you are wrong my friend. A bigger mouse pad simply means i needed to lower my sensitivity a tiny bit. But since you do not know how that is okay. I was just hoping to not have to do a bunch of calculations
  12. SladeNova

    New mousepad sens feels off

    Bigger mouse pad so the sens now has more space meaning it feels faster
  13. In overwatch i use 4.2 1000 dpi but i recently got a mousepad that is 5cm wider and 10cm taller than my old one. I was really used to that particular sens. Anychance you can help me transfer it to my new mousepad
  14. SladeNova

    New mouse new dpi! help!

    For a year I've used the g403 Logitech gaming mouse. My dog ate it. My roommate recently bought me a new mouse known as the steel series Sensei raw which has really odd dpi. I am so used to using 12.28 with 42 scoped and 650 dpi in overwatch but the closest I can get is 630 dpi.. can one of y'all help me?
  15. SladeNova

    windows to smite?

    im tryin to match my windows sens to smite but theres no real conversion. currently for mobas im using 1750 dpi 6 windows sens