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  1. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    how rainbow six:siege res work?

    why 1920x1080 in rainbow six can be changend to 4:3 and 3:2,it's cut a part of picture ?
  2. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    about viewspeed2

  3. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    about viewspeed2

    why i feel use viewspeed2 in csgo to other game the turn 180 degree's sen is different,but use 360 distance is same?
  4. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    ABOUT chinese lanuage

    no bro, i am chinese ,i from china so i can tranlated this,but not all,only the part u see
  5. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    ABOUT chinese lanuage

    hey bro,i saw u said u try to add chinese into offical lanuage. So i try to translate a part of the calculator webside,it's not finished product.it's still needs complete.the problem is the explain of v1 v2 and how sens wrok,i am a middle school student,i may need ask for help in math part,so complete all the things,need time.check out the picture bro.if it's fine i will try to complete the other part.(My grammar maybe isnt right, if you cant undersdant just @ me XD @DPI Wizard
  6. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    Same fov,but different numerical value?

  7. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    why sens in overwatch and csgo are different?

  8. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    why sens in overwatch and csgo are different?

    because of the enigne? plz someone tell me XD
  9. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机


    i have seen the all video in the youtube channle,but i still wonder where i can learn more about sens 👀
  10. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机


    @DPI Wizard i find many scattered infornation in this bbs,but i want know where i can find scientific infornation about sens and how it work,my english is bad,but i think i can use google trans ,if u see this plz answer somethings thinks man
  11. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机


    @DPI Wizard can u show me where i can find infornation about mouse sens and how they work ,how the calculator work? thx bro!
  12. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    which FOV Type i should choose

    i use 1440x1080 in csgo with 4:3,which FOV Type i should use
  13. FUDS 快乐男孩脱毛机

    sen or distance which is best

    thanks bro