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    Game requests

    Great mate, as always doing a fantastic job here
  2. darkheart46

    Game requests

    @DPI Wizard Would be great that now that you added league of legends, to have starcraft 2, and dota 2, in the calculator. Regards
  3. Thats a nice debate about sensitivitys, im in the same boat, i tried very low sensitivity like 76cm360 and feel very consistent with it, but in the crosshair location is not perfect, or if someone hit me from the back im plain dead, 30cm 360 feel amazing movement wise and for me 45-55cm feels a good compromise, but always thinking about that, keep rolling the poll, and your opinions comrades!
  4. We are always looking for optimal conversions, viewspeed, monitor distance 75%, 56.25%, 0% etc, but maybe we could make some research in optimal sensitivity to use in games, we know that in fast paced games high sensitivitys are more common like overwtch where 28-30cm360 its more common, or games like cs where 47-60cm360 are very used. also in theory high sensitivity provides fastest response to unexpected enemys and usually best movement, in the other part low sensitivity its normally more consistent because a little mouse movement its not a big movement in game crosshair, so you can be no that accurate and still make the hit. But if you have to use a sensitivity that works well in fast paced games like quake, overwatch, tf2 and games like cs go, pubg etc, what do you think is the sweet spot in cm360 that can be used in both game styles. maybe we can arrive to some conclusions, knowing that its personal preference and we dont have the same wrist, arm etc
  5. im also always trying, i used at cs a fixed sensitivity for years, but after know this web im always trying to get better results, but as you said, i got mixed results i tried very low sens 71.cm 360 and feel more consistent than 38-40 cm 360, but the 180 turns, and reaction time seems lot worse, in the other ways with 38-40 cm 360 some days im crushing it, and some really crazy flicks and shoots happens, but other days i dont hit an elephant, also with mices, somedays i feel that g pro better than g403 and others prefer the g403 (normally i get better results with that), if you check top players known for his aim at counter strike usually have sensitivity of between 2 / 2.2 and usually heavy hitters play in stretched mode. but i dont know how to make a solid research also, is not usually spoken but, i think crosshair has also a importance in the aim, well thats my opinion xD.
  6. im trying the settings. thank you drimzi!, In another thought, i was thinking about making some trials in aim games or aim maps in some games, about ideal sensitivity and accuracys to try to land some light in optimized sensitivitys, now that we have the calculator to translate between games, knowing the ideal sensitivity beyond the "personal preference", i saw in some games pro players share very similar sensitivitys.
  7. aaaaah regedit i didnt think about that good trick, and with 1/8 which dpi do you use? thank you Drimzi you always know the answers its like the aristotle of mouse settings hahaha xD
  8. Hello comrades, i have two little questions, i saw in a post that if you want to pass from 16:9 to 4:3 stretched and feel the same sensitivity horizontally have to multiply the 360 distance(16:9 one) for 1,125 to get the same feel in 4:3 stretched, and if you want to go from 4:3 stretched to 16:9 is the same but dividing by 1,125 -Well the question is what about 16:9 to 16:10 stretched and 16:10 stretched to 16:9 i tried to figure out but i dont get the correct feel, which value i need to multiply or divide?? -And the other question, more curiosity than anything, what is the hidden wps that @Drimzi uses? its because i normally try his settings like 3/11 wps and works pretty well but its to know about that and how to enable it to try on, im currently at wps 3 800dpi 0.72... sens in games like cs. where fov is 106. Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.
  9. Very good question, i see nobody answered you, i bump the question sometimes i think about the same, viewspeed is very nice but technically is accurate to 70% of monitor distance, if we use 360 maybe we can make 180º turns or 90º etc alsways the same thanks to muscle memory at 360º , it would be nice to have a response from wizard or drimzi (very smart guys) and his thoughts about this topic, thank you
  10. darkheart46

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I got a question about the viewspeed in the elder scrolls online, i see that the calculator uses the firstpersonsensitivity but what about third person mouse sensitivity i tell that because is not the usual to play at first person and its more common to play at 3rd mode, which sensitivity should i match to not break muscle memory , i play games at desktop 3 wps 1100 dpi, and then convert to viewspeed at games. thank you in advance
  11. Im pretty addicted to the web and its a very interesting post, in special about the idea of a natural sensitivity or pattern that can feel somehow more natural to aim, i was playing at stretched, since years (and have a good aim tbh) and im looking about ideas to standarize and find the edge in my games, the idea about the golden ratio and the 2d to 3d is very interesting drimzy you know the values for a 1920x1080 at 24 inch golden ratio values? its to try different settings, regards people!
  12. darkheart46

    4:3 Stretched to Windows Desktop Help please

    Thank you for your time drimzi, i see clearly the difference very good point about DPI, i will give it a try!
  13. darkheart46

    4:3 Stretched to Windows Desktop Help please

    Thank you for the responses, awesome calculations drimzi makes sense that stretched breaks the horizontal planes and cant be emulated at desktop, then if i want to Play 4:3 but in black bars and 1024x768(my CS 1.6 settings) to not stretch the horizontal axis which settings al calculator should i use in Windows 16:9 full HD? Thank you and kind regards Also as an off topic i read that you use the g900 i use the g pro that has the same sensor i use 800 DPI 500hz u feel any settings that perform better? Im searching the Edge of improvement in the details
  14. Hello, i'm trying to figure the correct way to do this, i play competitive cs go at 1280x960 4:3 stretched in a 24inch monitor. im trying to have the same feel of the cursor in windows desktop 16:9 standard 1920x1080. I set in the calculator 1280x960, fov 90, in 24inch, sensitivity 1.1 ,800 dpi in viewspeed (my settings since years at cs go) i get that the equivalent at full hd desktop is 400 dpi with a discrepancy of -7.5722% (-0.9232 cm). but i got a very different feel can someone check if its correct ? i know that here are very wise people in this matter and i need that everything at windows feels like 1.1 800 dpi at counter strike to train muscle memory even when im doing other things at pc than playing cs, thank you very much.