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  1. You're absolutely right about the posting moderation. I was a mod for a music forum and this is exactly how we did it. I think the forum would eventually need to get there, but I think (if possible) the mod team here would need to agree on what the answers are and then consolidate those answers into an easily digestible format. For example, could 0% MDH be agreed upon as an imperfect but 'best' conversion method, etc, and then stick to that when addressing questions or writing resources. Again, as an initiate who knows enough to be dangerous, I'd be happy to read/review/produce any content needed and help provide the perspective of someone who just wants to get in and get out, so to speak. I find this stuff very interesting and it's been very helpful making my performance consistent across competitive FPS titles. I'm a believer.
  2. What I do like about that article is how it make the technical details optional - but my main thought is that whatever is built is sufficiently simple and clear and thorough enough to be a reference for what I imagine the average user of the site to be like (myself included): anally retentive, wanting to make sure they've understood and implemented the right settings, but not feeling like success using the calculator is conditioned on them really understanding the underlying theory behind MDH, FOV, 3D space, etc. I can imagine the above might improve the quality of life/free up the time of the generous members here who take the time to answer the 1000th question about whether or not a given user's settings are right for BO4, etc. Simple, effective articles on topics (and even individual games) that help address commonly asked questions/concerns when using the calculator.
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    If you've got the real estate on your desk and $14, this will be a game changer for you: https://www.amazon.com/SteelSeries-QcK-Cloth-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B000UVRU6G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1542142128&sr=8-2&keywords=qck%2B
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    I'd do this personally: I know this is not what you asked, but this is an EXTREMELY high sensitivity. I think you'd benefit a great deal from slowing your mouse down about 25% of what it is. Not kidding at all. It'll be a revelation to you.
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    @DPI Wizard Is there a compelling reason not to default to 0% MDH here?
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    Plug in your own settings though of course. Use the Aim "All"
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    Do this (ignore the Black Ops stuff you only need to fill out the first game):
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    @Dawndrake If you're just looking for the relative sens for Ashe, I think all you'd need to do is input your sens and DPI and it will give you your relative sens for Widow, Ana, an Ashe. No need to convert it.
  9. nielsenrc

    Quake Champions

    I did not know this. I scaled the FOV down in QC and I honestly prefer it. Thanks for the tip!
  10. nielsenrc


    @Dookie The limitation of 360 distance calculations is actually when you have very different FOVs. 360 distance works OK when you have games that have relatively similar FOVs (like CSGO and OW) but falls apart when they are radically different (Quake Champions vs CSGO). You'll want to use Monitor Distance or Viewspeed conversions to compensate for large differences in FOV, or else adjust the FOV when possible to be the same between both games. I adjusted the Quake Champs FOV down to 103 to match OW and it feels much more consistent (and, according to DPI Wizard, your targets get bigger and easier to hit as you scale down FOV). TLDR: If the games have similar FOV, you can get away with 360 distance calculations. If they have very different FOVs, and you can't adjust them to be the same, you need to rely on a different conversion method like monitor distance.
  11. Your post is actually what inspired the thought. It's great, I'm wondering if there's a space for creating a formal, article style format for these things. Or even expanding the FAQ to include these topics.
  12. I'm grateful for the (frankly heroic) efforts of @DPI Wizard, @Drimzi, @Skidushe and others to help educate us on mouse sensitivity conversions. I'm just starting to get to a point where I feel like I can talk somewhat intelligently about it. It seems to me that this community is in much the same place as Hydrogen Audio, where there is a lot of persistent misunderstanding and duplication of threads on similar topics where the actual math/science/technology is beyond the reach (and/or interest) of most users. Has there been any thought given to starting a wiki or knowledge base on common topics (e.g. FOV, Monitor Distance, 360 distance, relationship between DPI/sensitivity) etc? I'd be willing to lend a hand technologically or content wise, though I'd have to lean on you guys for fact checking/precision. I'm a web developer professionally. Just curious if you guys think it would be helpful.
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    Quake Champions

    In principle question here: In theory, you'd have a better experience between games if they had the same field of view, right? But if you reduced your FOV (like in this game where the FOV is MASSIVE) to make it consistent with, say, Overwatch, wouldn't that ultimately put you at a disadvantage because you cannot 'see' as much as other players?
  14. nielsenrc


    @Dookie It looks like BFV has a smaller FOV that Overwatch. Having a smaller FOV than other players is going to ultimately be a disadvantage to you. I'd recommend keeping OW's default FOV of 103 and then use 0% monitor distance to calculate your sensitivity. Note that if you tend to measure your sensitivity by 360 distances, it's not going to match up because of the difference in field of view. What you should experience though is a similar experience in crosshair placement between both games at most practical distances from the center of your screen. This stuff is kind of arcane, I hope I've communicated this well. Mods, if I've gotten anything wrong her please correct me.
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    Windows / Desktop

    @Skidushe thanks for chiming in here. I think I'm just going to keep converting from OW.