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  1. I think it is really weird that alot of people dont notice the very big difference in vertical/horizontal speed of the mp510 (where vertical is noticable slower than horizontal). i think that if you dont notice that, mouse/pad choice doesnt matter at all (jkjk ) dreammachines pad is imho the best consistent fast cloth pad (without taking into account the artisan's )
  2. I understand why 0mm is in theory the best way to convert sensitivities between different fov's. But i am just wondering at what level do people play that moved to 0mm play their games, casual/competitive/pro and did moving to 0mm really improve your game? not so interesting long wall of text : the main issue i have with 0mm is that moving from a higher (hipfire) fov to a lower (scoped) fov in a game, has the most impact on how we aim. Even after long periods of trying (months). The reason is that i feel that with aiming there are 3 ways to aim: aiming with the fingers, aiming with the wrist and aiming done by the arm. These 3 ways of aiming are working together with the way we grip the mouse (fingertip,claw,palm,hybrids) and the preferred style of aiming the user has. People tend to favour a type of aiming, high sensitivites mostly skip large arm movements and low sensitivities of course do need that. now with 0mm every fov change in a game (like going from 103fov hipfire to a 20fov scope) will impact the way we have to use the way of aiming. This results in maybe the perfect conversion of sensitivity between fov's, but i have to relearn for every fov a different way of aiming -> so i get the feeling that 0mm in the same game for scopes is maybe less usefull than using a mm % that preserves the way we aim the most or the way of aim we prefer. Personally i would like to preserve the way i have to aim, keep the finger/wrist/arm movements as close as possible within 1 game. I think 100mm, 75mm, 56.25 and viewspeed do all a better job at that than 0mm. Question here, is there a best way to calculate this?
  3. anyone know the fov when zoomed in with a red dot with an AR (the "shift" extra zoom in thats possible with reddot/holo) i have would like to calculate my sensitivity zoomed to all other scopes with 0mm. how do i do that?
  4. im bad at math so my question is: When i am using a resolution of 1728x1080, what should my vertical sense multiplier be when i want the same sensitivity as 1920x1080? should it be 1.111111?
  5. so i saw this on reddit, and i think its interesting. what did they calculate here? from high fovs its almost 0mm, but from lower fov to zoom they use something different:
  6. i really like this topic, if this post is polluting this topic, feel free to delete it i think that it is very hard to find a perfect formula for every game. Just because games have different mechanics. If we only talk about FPS games, i think these things are relevant: - there are hitscan mechanics and more realistic mechanics with bullet speed / drop. - FPS games with recoil and without recoil With hitscan and no recoil it makes more sense to me using 0mm, since tracking a target is almost always the same in every situation -> put the crosshair on target and track it. Sure, moving from hipfire to a scope will almost never be perfect dead center on a target, so we have to adjust -> but when we put that crosshair on the target the sensitivity should be correct right? With hitscan and recoil things will become a bit harder, we still have the same issue with going from hipfire to scoping, but when we have the crosshair adjusted on target and shoot, the recoil kicks in. Depending on the game this recoil can be little or really much, but it will move the crosshair off target and we have to readjust -> making the sensitivity for a small moment incorrect again right. Now, the issue is when there are realistic mechanics in play, bullet drop and bullet speed. Depending on how far the target is, how fast the target moves in a certain direction, we have to put the crosshair off target and also it can change each shot we take at the target. the target might try to dodge bullets by rapidly changing direction and speed, so in these games we have to compensate for bullet drop, bullet speed, recoil and target movement. first shot might be needed to be shot 2cm left of the target in a 4x scope, after that shot recoil kicks in so our crosshair ends up 3cm higher than before, we have to drag the crosshair down, but in the meantime that target went from full speed running tot the left to a full stop, so we have to move the crosshair to the new location etc etc. In these games tracking a player almost never means you are able to put the crosshair deadcenter on a stable path so to say. in these games there is actually alot of small off target flicks while using a scope on a moving target. Now with 0mm human errors in compensation of recoil and bulletdrop/speed will add up quite fast imho, compensating recoil might be done wrong, and u have to even adjust way more the next shot. this for me is why 0mm in CSGO with an awp feels great, but 0mm in pubg feels way too slow. it always feels great on static targets though. it also might be the case that 0mm is still correct, but just feels to slow and needs time to get adjusted to.
  7. where is the ads value in the calculator?
  8. thanks for this! I tried out a lot of different settings and in the end i came to this conclusion (all imho): For games with zero to no recoil, 0%mm feels really good after some time! For example AWPing in CSGO felt really good after a few hours of DM, i have played a lot of CSGO and this 0% MM made my AWP more consistent than the default setting, so much that i tried to 0%MM in pubg as well. But as i said before, in PUBG there is a lot of recoil. So while 0% MM is good for sniping with bolt action sniper rifles in that game, it fails for shooting semi auto and full auto with scopes. In pubg you don't only need to track a running player or driving car, but u also have to shoot as fast as possible while being able to control the recoil. 0%mm for me is too slow to handle that, meaning it takes too much time to get the crosshair on target after 1 shot or hold it on target while shooting full auto. For this kind of aiming i felt anything from 50-100mm is better (v2 feels best for me) I think 0%mm is just good for games with zero to no recoil, i cant imagine shooting a M4 full auto with a 4x scope in pubg and still be able to keep it somewhat on target for 30 rounds. unless your base sensitivity (hipfire) is so crazy high, that 0%mm still gives u enough control with a 4x scope. (and yes, i can do this with higher %MM)
  9. maybe this is why my aim in pubg never feels as good as in csgo. in CSGO i only use zoomlevel 1 on the awp and i never feel i can not get the crosshair on target, in pubg i am often struggling with this. So i actually found a 103 fov sensitivity that i like to use and a 3x sensitivity that i like. would it be possible to calculate all other scope sensitivities from those 2 values?
  10. i agree that based on the reasons mentioned on this forum and the video, that 0%MM is indeed the most consistent way of calculating sensitivities between fovs. It just doesnt feel correct to me personally, i dont want to hijack this topic, but i feel that 0%mm is something i will never get used too since it is way to slow for me when i need to compensate for recoil on low fov's. Just looking for a method where the physical distance moved with the mouse is more or less the same on scopes when tracking a moving target from lef to right, or up down.
  11. interesting stuff about 0%, the thing i personally don't like is the fact that it is a huge jump moving for example twice as far with your mouse when zoomed in. It doesn't feel natural to me, especially in games that have recoil where u are recovering all the time from (huge) jumps in aim. What i would like: if i track a player on FOV 90 that is running from left to right, i zoom in on that same player on for example fov 45, and i have to move the mouse physically the same distance to track the running player in the zoomed state the same as i did in the normal FOV. Which monitor match will give that result? or is that 360 scope match (guess not, since thats WAY too fast)
  12. the game is bugged for at least the 3x scope, im sure. I tested it by using 100 for Sensitivity=100 and LastConvertedSensitivity=real value. So, before this update the game would only use the lastconvertedsensitivity value. Since this update it does so for hipfire, ads, but at least not the 3x. For it to work u need to paste in the config file 2 value AND the config file 1 value. Other scopes i did not test, but for me it was enough proof to change all values to config file 1 and 2
  13. so, which mm was found to be most accurate? 56.25?
  14. 100% monitor match definitely feels wrong, as the scoping becomes way faster on higher zoomlevels. Viewspeed feels for me ok for hipfire and ads in pubg (ads is 70fov), but the 4x and higher felt always a bit on the slow side. i calculated new sensitivities via the formula, and now the scoped ones are a bit faster than viewspeed2, trying them out now
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