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  1. Ok, i'll check that when i have time. Yes
  2. The config file for the sensitivity is ...\steamapps\common\Ring of Elysium\UserData\EuSystemSettingsConfigCurrent.xml, could you please add decimal calculation?
  3. Are you sure? I got a few recruits with level 35+ weapons after only 2-3 rounds and while I was level 3 or something like that. Also you can just leave a game, get yourself killed or just ALT+F4.
  4. You can just refresh the recruits until you get one with a scoped weapon if i understood it correctly
  5. Yes, the 360 distance. Even though it could feel different, it should still be the same mouse distance for a 360 ingame and it isn't.
  6. The calculation is wrong for me. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Hipfire Sensitivity 1: MouseYawSensitivity=2 Multiplier 1: MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit=0.011499 360° distance: 3.4151 inches Config FOV: Field of View: 90 Actual VFOV: 90 degrees Actual HFOV: 121.28 degrees Fear The Wolves - Hipfire X Sensitivity 1: AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=0.027907,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) 360° distance: 3.415 inches Discrepancy: -0.0029% (-0.0001 inches) Config FOV: Field of View 80 Actual VFOV: 50.53 degrees Actual HFOV: 80 degrees
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