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  1. onacio

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    where i put it (iron-sight sensitivity)? This config will be the same for FPP and TPP? This value will i put in the game or in the game file?
  2. onacio

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    SensitiveMap=((Mouse, (Array=((SensitiveName="Normal",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.018933),(SensitiveName="Targeting",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.018933),(SensitiveName="Scoping",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.018565),(SensitiveName="ScopingMagnified",Sensitivity=50.000000,LastConvertedSensitivity=0.020000),(SensitiveName="Scope2X",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.017791),(SensitiveName="Scope3X",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.017590),(SensitiveName="Scope4X",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.017512),(SensitiveName="Scope6X",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.017471),(SensitiveName="Scope8X",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.017454),(SensitiveName="Scope15X",LastConvertedSensitivity=0.017442))))) Just copy and paste it and test it in the game and you'll see what i'm talking about .. Look another thing... If u see the the FOV, in my cs config is 90 and the converter put 80. If u my 360º distance in cs is 47.2314cm and in my PUBG is 54.3391cm, but if i put the default Pubg config that is FOV 90, set FTT u will see another convertion with more precision, look: In this picture u can see the same 360º distance between cs and pubg, its that everyone looking for, but if i just change for TFF it will conver for another config: I would like a solution to my sensitivity.. how i set to get the same aim..
  3. onacio

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I have tryed to conver my csgo`s mouse sensitivity for pubg, but its not working well. When im using the view "normal", "targeting" and "scoping" is ok, u feel it is the right sensi, but when u you use any Scope, ur sensitivity become too slow! How i fix it?