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  1. It all depends on the sensor of your mouse. For those with a 3366 or a Hero, it doesn't matter what cpi you play at, but generally for most mice I wouldn't go past 1600 cpi since that's the threshold that most sensors start interpolating counts.
  2. Never got a response on these two games, really hoping to see these added if possible. Love your work with everything else on the site. 😀
  3. It's already in the calculator under its previous name "Wormhole Wars". Not exactly sure if anything else has changed since then. @DPI Wizard
  4. I inputted your settings that you gave a few posts above and converted using monitor distance matched at 0%.
  5. Yes I'm not sure if i follow. You've already matched your hip fire sensitivity in CSGO to Rainbow Six Siege according to your current settings, now all you have to do is set one of the "Xfactoraiming" values in your config for your preferred scope.
  6. Assuming "AimDownSightsMouse" is set to 50: Iron Sight: Set "XFactorAiming" to 0.029065 ACOG: Set "XfactorAiming" to 0.017456
  7. Since you matched the FOV's in CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege, you can convert your hipfire sensitivity from CSGO using 360 distance which you have done correctly. As for your scopes, you're using "0.818933027098955175" zoom sensitivity in CSGO which is identical to converting using monitor distance matched at 0%. However, because Siege doesn't have separate ADS sliders for iron sight and ACOG, you have to pick between the two for an accurate calculation.
  8. G303's are pretty hard to come by without paying a ridiculous amount for it because Logitech discontinued it. Also, it's oddly shaped sides can be rather off putting for some. You have roughly the same sized hands as me, and I use the G305 as my daily driver, so I'd recommend that if you use claw or fingertip grip and either the ec2-a or the g403 for palm grip. Do be aware that Zowie's quality control can be a hit or miss and the g403's hump can be a plus or minus for some.
  9. Both, actually. The more knowledge the merrier.
  10. I’m trying to understand the math behind monitor match, specifically 0%. From what I gathered so far, 0% is the tan ratio between two fovs, but what I don’t understand is how exactly does this work when converting to and from the desktop? Any help is appreciated.
  11. Requesting: Goldeneye/Perfect Dark using the 1964 60 FPS Build and UNLOVED Many thanks in advance.
  12. Bugged for games that use raw input. When using these type of games as the input, the calculator defaults to 6 (4/11) when it should be 10 (6/11). The same thing also happens when using Windows/Desktop as the input and outputting to raw input games but in reverse fashion.
  13. When trying to save a profile using "Windows/Desktop" as the input, the calculator will keep defaulting to '6' WPS and will not save any other value.
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