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  1. noaimBoii

    Far Cry New Dawn

    is there mouse acceleration in this game?
  2. noaimBoii

    Apex Legends

    How do I use the fov scale to match a 16:9 103 horizontal fov? What value does it scale from?
  3. noaimBoii

    Apex Legends

    How does the ADS sensitivity match between scopes with different FOVs?
  4. noaimBoii


    Hi DPI Wizard does reducing polling rate reduce acceleration?
  5. noaimBoii

    Game requests

    anthem pls
  6. noaimBoii

    Battlefield 5 Uniform Soldier Aiming off

    You want to turn it on and set the coefficient to 0 for it to equal 0% mm
  7. noaimBoii

    CSGO converter is wrong?

    I don't get this. If I want to convert my sensitivity for this fov should I be using the base sensitivity conversion, the zoom conversion, or both? I want to use the same cm/360 as as OW as they are the same FOV, so should I be using the cm/360 conversion for zoom as well?
  8. I'm doing 360 revolutions with kovaak's sensitivity matcher between Overwatch and CSGO and I end up turning the wrong amount when using the converted value given by the calculator. FYI I am also using fov_cs_debug 86.63197087 to match the FOV between the 2 games. The calculator gave me a CSGO sensitivity of 1.296519 when converted from my Overwatch sensitivity of 4.16. I tried messing around with my sensitivity in CSGO to get a 360 rotation and got around 1.57 sensitivity instead.
  9. noaimBoii

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I'm doing 360 counts for hipfire and I'm getting differences as well. When you tested hipfire was it also messed up?
  10. noaimBoii

    Battlefield V

    Are there any plans to add vehicle and turret sensitivities?
  11. noaimBoii


    My converted fortnite sens feels unnaturally fast can you please double check the calculator? I am using 0% mm and Fortnite config editor.
  12. noaimBoii

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Hi DPI Wizard. I want to use exactly 103 horizontal FOV with SWBF2, but the config file doesn't use traditional angle units for its FOV. It seems like the file uses vertical degrees in radians but with an arbitrary multiplier of. 1.041741446 The vertical degree radians that I would need would be 1.231029591* 1.041741446 = 1.282414546 Then I just enter 103 Hres in the calculator and convert 360/cm for the game. However I'm not sure if my FOV is correct. Can you please check for me? Sorry about this terrible formatting
  13. noaimBoii

    Battlefield USA Coefficient

    The problem is tracking is really only difficult when transitioning from a flick to a tracking motion or when tracking an accelerating object. In addition most weapons that uses scopes are single shot or semi autos, which requires less tracking accuracy than automatics. I think the loss of accurate tracking motion is negligible because slow tracking is easy. Flicking is the more important factor to account for when finding a good sensitivity.
  14. noaimBoii

    Black Ops 4

    I guess they played some battlefield and decided to copy its uniform aiming option, which is great of course. I wish every game would do this.
  15. noaimBoii

    Game requests

    Can you add Ravenfield? Its EA on steam