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  1. Would conversions for this game also work with Unreal Gold? - since that doesn't seem to be included in the list of supported games. I think it's the same engine but it might be a different multiplier or soemthing?
  2. Hi just fyi, the same mouse sens console command works in Hard Reset Redux too, however the FOV command in redux is just r_fov instead of r_gameplay_fov regards
  3. Hi. Consider adding Revulsion? https://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/ At your leisure - it was only just released today I think.
  4. Brill. Thanks. Keep up the good work. This is literally the only site I've ever subbed to. So unique but so needed. Cheers.
  5. Ok, thanks, I think I see. Hipfire is fine to use 360 distance though, right? This advice is pretty consistent for most other games with ads / scopes too?
  6. Hi. I've tried looking through this thread a bit and am still a littlte confused. My most played fps is BF3 and my hipfire sens in that is 0.072212 at 400 cpi with an FOV of 106.26 (90) I don't know the coefficient for ads (cobra / red dot) in BF3. Do I just put 0.072212 and change the fov (as per my attached picture) for pubg or should I be using viewspeed (since 15x scope value appears too high for the engine) in the mix too. I would like the ads / kobra / red dot to feel as it did in BF3 - I didn't really use scopes higher than that so don't know what to do with the others. Do I need to change the fov values when calculating scope sensitivities? On the subject of the FOV value, is the game actually using 106.26 if I put it in the config? I read a lot of posts saying fov is 103 max. Help would be appreciated, ta. p.s also, do you know if there's a way in notepad++ to list the sensitivities in a column rather than in one big long stupid line?
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