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  1. Yes, but the ingame FOV-slider seems off, so you should do 90 / 70 = cl_fovScale "1.2857" in the C:\Users\[your user]\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\profile\profile.cfg
  2. So, I'm a bit confused. Does the Apex 1.0 zoom sensitivity = 0% monitor-distance?
  3. To get black bars for Overwatch I need to use 'No scaling' in the Nvidia control panel settings. Giving me black bars both over and under, correct? I couldn't find a way to have black bars on the sides only, for Overwatch. However, for PUBG 1810x1080 should work because it allows for black bars on the side. It's a nice formula, and hopefully I've interpreted it correctly. Thank you for helping.
  4. So, I've been wanting to match all my FOV's across FPS games, using CS:GO's hFOV 106.26 as a baseline. However, games like Overwatch and PUBG restrict hFOV to 103. So I figured, I could limit the horizontal resolution and play with black bars instead. In such a way that the correct 106.26 hFOV is "hidden" behind the black bars. What is the correct way of calculating such resolutions? My first idea was to match the relationship between CS:GO's 73.74 vFOV and 106.26 hFOV, finding that 73.74 is 69.4% of 106.26. That way, I just did 69.4% of OW's and PUBG's 103 hFOV and realized I needed 71.482 vFOV. The next step I winged through the calculator: lowering the horizontal resolution til I got close to 71.482. My result was 1887x1080, with 71.47 vFOV and 103 hFOV. Is this a good way of doing this, or am I trippin? Also, what would be a better (or correct) way of calculating this? Could be beneficial for more games that limit the FOV even further. Or would something like this be more accurate: 103 is 96.93% of 106.26 96.93 of 1920 is 1861.056 so ... 1861x1080 resolution, with black bars and 103 FOV? I'm confused.
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