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  1. Ugh, I'm probably going to switch to 6/11. I use 800 DPI and a fairly low sensitivity for games (It's about 18.6 inches/360). I just hate having such a high pointer speed in desktop. I could just switch to 400 DPI when I'm done with my games, so it's pretty negligible, but still. Would it be important to match (even just roughly) your desktop sens to your 3D sens? I just don't want to screw up my muscle memory.
  2. Hello, I've heard that using 6/11 WPS is the best one to use because it has better 1:1 tracking of your movements, and has less pixel-skipping. For the longest time, I've always used 4/11 so that it feels more native to my sensitivity in games. Should I switch to 6/11, or just continue using 4/11? Also as a sidenote, who else is having mouse acceleration issues since the new GeForce Experience driver update? It seems my mouse has a very noticeable amount of accel in the overlay. I'm just afraid it may be affecting my movements in-game, as well. I've tried testing it, and I honestly can't tell. (FYI, I'm using the Zowie EC2-B, which has a 3360 sensor. So it can't be a hardware issue).
  3. I see where you're coming from. That actually makes a lot of sense. I've been using 50% MDH for almost all the games I play. I see it as the middle ground between being able to do flicks, while still retaining fairly decent tracking. I'll give 0% MDH/MDV a try, because it seems to be the most logical conversion method despite differences in FOV. Thank you guys for the advice.
  4. Thank you for the speedy reply. I'm asking because the dev for a game told me that he calculates ADS sensitivity by dividing the in-game sens by whatever magnification it provides. I'm aware that doing the same thing in a game like CSGO won't work, because scopes have their own sensitivity scale which are much lower. I'm really referring to a scenario where if you set the same sensitivity for both hipfire and scope, your aim travels the same distance according to the in-game world. Much like having hipfire/ADS/scoped as same 360 distance. Hope that makes it clearer.
  5. For the math wizards: Is there any soundness to dividing your hipfire sensitivity by the scope's magnification to get your scoped sensitivity? For example, if I have an in-game sensitivity of 1, and a 2x magnification scoped weapon, my scoped sensitivity should be 0.50? Same could also be applied to regular ADS sensitivities, whatever additional magnification a particular gun provides. Wouldn't it be the same as 0% MM, considering how tracking is identical so long as you're far away from the target in relation to your weapon's magnification level? I could be totally wrong...I'm not a math guy. Could someone shed some light on this?
  6. So I shouldn't even bother with Vertical monitor distance?
  7. Hi, I came back to the calculator after the re-work and I noticed there's now "Conversion Setup", which I don't fully understand. How does it work? For example, I'm wanting to convert my CS:GO hipfire sensitivity of 1.10 at 800 DPI to Ballistic Overkill across all weapons at 50% MM. I'm using a 24" monitor. Any help is appreciated.
  8. I'd like to see Ravenfield added.
  9. I'd like to see Blockstorm get added. Thank you.
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