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  1. Got it! So is there any engine can perfectly fit the calculator? Or how do we define if an engine is up to standard with the calculator?
  2. Any ideas~Anybody using rival310? Would like to hear your experience
  3. Thanks! That helps a lot. Is the calculator based on a certain sensor like pmw3310 or some kind of standard, or a theory? For example, The metre is defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1299 792 458 seconds(quoted from wiki).
  4. I found something really wired these days.Yesterday I got my new rival310 with truemove 3 engine and noticed that on the same dpi and game settings my rival310 takes less cms finishing a 360 turn in csgo(800dpi ingame 1.5),compared with rival100,300and ec2a. I use raw input, no accleration, enhance pointer percition off, win speed 6. Then I went to dpi analyzer to find my rival310 has different real dpi from whats shown in the ss3driver (I set it to 800dpi, while analyzer told me its actually 864) . This also occurs on my Deathadder elite with 3389 engine and ec1a with 3310. While my rival300, 100 and ec2a are on the exact dpi to their settings(set 800dpi and its 800). The calculator shows that on 800dpi, csgo speed 1.5, it takes 34.6364cm to finish a 360 turn while my rival310, DAelite and ec1a only take about 32cm. My rival100 and 300 perform "normaly" in the test(about 34cm). That confused me a lot and I found some pals had the same problem with their rival310s and DAelites (800dpi 1.5ingame, 32cm for 360 turn). Someone told me that it was because of different mice engines using different calculators. Really? If so, how does it explain my ec1a and 2a have different moving speed? I have done the tests over 10 times on 3 different win10 pcs and the results are based on tools of this web. Really confused! Thaaanks for any ideas!
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