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  1. The FOV in the config keeps resetting to 70. Are you sure it's possible to set it above that value?
  2. @Drimzi A bit unrelated, but what conversion method would you recommend to use between different games/zooms? I see people confidently recommending 0% monitor distance, but I don't quite understand the theory behind it, and personally it feels a tad slow, especially when scoping in.
  3. How long did it take you to adjust to the faster sens? You mentioned going by "what feels right", but I can't imagine that practically doubling your sensitivity would feel right at all, at least not at first. I'm not afraid of just trying it and seeing how it goes, but I don't know how to tell whether I'm still in the adjustment period or if the 20cm/360 sensitivity simply isn't right for me. It's kind of a neurotic issue, but that's just how my brain works. This type of constant self doubt makes it difficult to adjust to any kind of change.
  4. @ajaxxo I've definitely tried playing with the sens, and as one would expect it felt incredibly weird. It would take me several days, perhaps even longer to get fully used to it. So I'm just wondering if the time investment is even worth it. I wouldn't call the aim in CSGO "fake", but I get your point. It requires a lot fewer quick turns and as you pointed out, there is very little vertical movement, so it relies a lot more on micro-adjustments and spray control. But even outside of CSGO, in a faster-paced game like Overwatch for example, you still see most pros sticking to sensitivities lower than 30cm/360. There must be some reason behind this trend, right?
  5. I'm considering switching from my current ~35cm/360 to something like 15-20cm/360. However, the general consensus seems to be that such high sensitivity leads to loss of precision. It makes sense in theory, since it requires much subtler hand movements to make the same adjustments on the screen, thus increasing chance of error. So I guess this question is directed towards the people here using these higher sensitivities: Do you guys feel like you're sacrificing accuracy for the added speed? Higher sens seems to be more popular in aim training games such as Aim Hero, Aimtastic, Kovaak's etc. I'm guessing it's due to the emphasis on speed and less so on precision, since most of the challenges seem to provide relatively large targets to shoot. So I'm more interested in what it's like in actual games. Do you guys find it difficult to click heads, especially at longer distances, or is "higher sens = less accuracy" just a meme in your opinion?
  6. Is it possible to preserve viewspeed between ACOG and iron sights?
  7. So am I correct in thinking that the way the game calculates scoped sensitivity with zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse 1 is pretty much the same as using 75% monitor distance in the calculator?
  8. Wait, so the FOV on all the scopes remains the same regardless of the FOV setting? Even in 1pp-only? Also, how come I get different numbers when I convert viewspeed from CSGO hipfire and from CSGO zoom 1 using zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1? Shouldn't everything be the same since it's all based on viewspeed?
  9. So should I be changing the FOV setting to 103 for every sensitivity I convert?
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